24 Feb 2021

Valheim: How To Play Coop With Friends

Valheim looks to be the next big early access game.

It's already topping the Steam charts after only being out for a week!

You'll be pleased to know it's actually multiplayer!

So you can jump in and play with your friends.

Bear in mind as it is early access you may experience some bugs, but that's expected.

Keep reading to find out how to join a friends server!

How To Join A Friends Server

Firstly you'll want to make your character and your friend will need to do the same.

Now one of you will have to make a world.

Name it something memorable or make a note of it.

Make sure to also tick the community server, this is what will allow you to play with friends.

Feel free to also add a password if you want to stop randomers from joining.

You'll probably want to do so as they can easily come in and grief, destroying all your hard work and time.

Once the server is made, have the creator join it.

When the crow drops you, your friend should be able to join by searching your server name in the filters of the server list.

They'll have to enter the password if you made one.

Valheim is the next Viking title to take Steam by storm, there are plenty of plans for the future with the 2021 roadmap. You can even set up a dedicated server and play with your friends in coop! If bosses interest you, there's already four in the game Eikthyr, the Elder, Bonemass and Modor, you'll require plenty of items along the way like the Swamp Key.