Best Monitor For Halo Infinite: Our Top Picks To Give You The Edge

If you're playing Halo Infinite, then it pays to find the best monitor to go with your chosen console or PC.

Halo Infinite multiplayer was released recently, alongside the fantastic 20th Anniversary Edition gaming accessories, and already the masses are diving into what looks to be a welcome return to form for the Halo franchise.

If you're playing to win, and let's face it we all are, then you need a monitor that can handle higher frames per second, is responsive enough for you to keep track of the action and is compatible with your chosen device.


Let's face it, we'll need everything we can get if we're going to win big at the Fracture Event!

We've selected a few standout choices based on specs, reviews, and features they offer that we think would make a worthy addition to your Halo Infinite loadout.

Let's get to it - here are our picks for the best monitor for Halo Infinite.

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Best Monitor For Halo Infinite


Best Monitor For Halo Infinite FHD - BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S

best monitor for halo infinite benQ
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Credit: BenQ
Brand: BenQ | Resolution: 1080p Screen Size: 24.5" | Refresh Rate: 165hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 1ms | Features: FreeSync Premium, HDR10, Brightness Intelligence Plus

BenQ is a great place to start if you're looking for high-quality gaming monitors at a more affordable price range, and we think this BenQ Mobiuz is a real winner for the money.


With a 165hz refresh rate, Freesync Premium, and a fast 1ms response time, it's got practically everything you need for fast-paced multiplayer in Halo.

There's a few added extras too, including advanced ergonomics, an IPS display (for better colour and viewing angles), and even an anti-glare coating.

Add that to it being what many believe is the optimal screen size for competitive gaming and you've got a real winner.

Best Monitor For Halo Infinite 1440p - LG 27GN800-B

Best Monitor for Halo Infinite LG
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Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Resolution: 1440p | Screen Size: 27" | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 1ms | Features: HDR10, Advanced Ergonomics

LG Ultragear delivers the good across a number of the best gaming monitors out there, and this LG 27GN800-B ticks more than a few boxes for a quality 1440p display.


While PS5 may not support 1440p yet, Xbox and PC do, meaning you can get the sweet spot between high frames and high resolution.

This monitor also hits the mark with size for this combo, coming in at 27", but won't be too big to dominate your setup or make things more difficult when keeping track of everything going on in the game.

A solid consideration for Halo Infinite and we think one of the best QHD monitors around too.

Best Monitor For Halo Infinite HDMI 2.1 - GIGABYTE M28U 28

best monitor for halo infinite
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Credit: Gigabyte
Brand: Gigabyte | Resolution: 4K | Screen Size: 28" | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 2ms | Features: HDR400, FreeSync Premium Pro, HDMI 2.1

Now amongst the best HDMI 2.1 monitors, there are a number of massive displays, which although great, aren't quite optimal for multiplayer performance (at least we think so).


The good news is that Gigabyte has an impressive HDMI 2.1 monitor that comes in at just 28", meaning that you can enjoy high frames and very high resolution if you'd like.

This is the sort of monitor which would be good for more than just playing Halo, so if you find yourself switching between a number of different genres, then this could be a worthy consideration in your search.

If you do fancy going all-in, then check out the massive Gigabyte Aoras here.

Best Monitor For Halo Infinite Curved - Samsung Odyssey G7

best monitor for halo infinite samsung curved
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Credit: Samsung
Brand: Samsung | Resolution: 1440p, 1000R | Screen Size: 28" | Refresh Rate: 240hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 1ms | Features: HDR600, Advanced Ergonomics, Freesync Premium Pro/ G-Sync Compatible

There are some amazing curved monitors for gaming, but in a more competitive situation, you may want to keep the screen size on the smaller side.


Case in point, this showstopper from Samsung, the Odyssey G7. As with many curved screens, it's 1440p, and it packs a 240hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.

The curve itself is 1000R, which is great if you want to add an immersive element into your gameplay, and some say that the curve can help reduce eye strain which is an added plus.

It features Freesync Premium Pro and Gsync compatible technology, so you can rest easy knowing that screen tearing will be minimised, and it's super bright - great for playing in the daytime or revealing small details in the gaming environment.

And if we're really's kind of got the same colour scheme as Cortana, which is pretty awesome.

Best Monitor For Halo Infinite 4K - ASUS TUF Gaming 28”

Best monitor for halo infinite Asus Tuf
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Credit: ASUS
Brand: ASUS| Resolution: 4K | Screen Size: 28" | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Panel Type: IPS | Response Time: 1ms | Features: Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, Advanced Ergonomics, Freesync Premium / G-Sync Compatible

The Asus TUF range is brilliant for gaming, but they've recently released this HDMI 2.1 display that looks like a bit of a powerhouse.


This HDMI 2.1 beast could be a good call for Xbox Series X if you're after 120fps at 4K, or if you've got a suitably hardcore PC setup.

It features a ton of different tech to ensure any screen tearing and ghosting is mitigated, including Asus's own Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, G-Sync compatibility, FreeSync Premium, and even variable overdrive technology.

While many might favour a lower resolution for competitive gaming, if you're taking a step into the world of monitors and want something almost 'TV-like', this could be a good call.

More Gaming Monitors

If you're still on the hunt, check out some of our guides on everything monitors, from the best 240hz monitors and best 144hz monitors to the best QHD displays and knockout HDMI 2.1 monitors.

We'll be back to update this list with the latest and greatest, so be sure to check back in.

Happy hunting Spartan.

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