What Is FreeSync And Do You Need It?

So what is FreeSync? You've likely asked yourself the question when scanning the specs on any of the best gaming monitors out there, and much like G-Sync we know it's good, but don't exactly know why.

While gaming monitors tend to be a little easier to understand than TVs, let's be honest, there are a few terms that we sort of glaze past in favour of specs like refresh rates or input lag and response times.

But FreeSync is something you certainly shouldn't overlook, and we're here to clear up any confusion so you can make the best choice possible with your next display.

Here's everything you need to know about FreeSync.

What Is FreeSync

FreeSync is a technology created by AMD, designed to 'sync' up your monitor's display with the output of your PC or console.

This adaptive synchronisation tech helps reduce screen-tearing and stuttering by syncing up monitors refresh rates to the GPU of the chosen device.

Screen tearing and stuttering occurs when the refresh rate and outputs aren't in sync, and needless to say, it looks terrible and can be quite jarring too.

Freesync gives you variable refresh rates or VRR, which as the name suggests varies the refresh rates up or down depending on what's coming from your chosen device.

If you want a smooth gameplay experience, we'd highly recommend looking for a display that features freesync...especially if you're playing competitively.

What is FreeSync
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Endless Choice - We're seeing FreeSync monitors become the norm nowadays

Do You Need A FreeSync Monitor?

FreeSync is developed by AMD so if your build includes an AMD graphics card it makes sense for you to go for a FreeSync monitor.

Xbox Series X also supports FreeSync, which means you can pick from a number of quality displays for the console. Check out our top Xbox Series X monitor picks here for some ideas.

It's worth noting that PS5 does not support FreeSync, but there are hopes that we will see PS5 VRR support in the future.

How Much Are FreeSync Monitors?

The good news is that FreeSync is almost the standard nowadays and they can even be a little less expensive than G-Sync monitors.

Many of the best gaming monitors on the market should be FreeSync compatible and in some cases are G-Sync compatible too.

If you're on the hunt for your next display, check out some of our buying guides to what we think are the best monitors on the market today.

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