Does Xbox Series X Support FreeSync? Here's What You Should Know

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When it comes to FreeSync, it's a must-have for gamers thanks to its ability to reduce screen-tear, but does Xbox Series X actually support it?

It's a question worth asking, especially if you're on the hunt for a gaming monitor or even TV for the next-gen console.

Here's everything you need to know so you're prepared.

Does Xbox Series X Support FreeSync?

It's good news as Xbox Series X does support FreeSync, but why is that such a win for console gamers?

Well as we mentioned, FreeSync plays a huge role in reducing screen tearing and stuttering that are often caused by gaming monitors or displays being out of sync with the frame rate of the game.

What FreeSync does is allow for VRR (variable refresh rate) which can adapt and 'sync' the monitors refresh rate to the framerate of the content, thus lowering the chances of screen-tear.

Screen tearing looks, for lack of a better word, absolutely awful and can ruin your gaming experience both from immersion and competitive standpoint.

The fact that Xbox Series X supports FreeSync is a great sign for all gamers looking for uninterrupted, super smooth gameplay...a must-have if you're playing fast-paced titles like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite.

does xbox series x support freesync halo infinite screenshot
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Credit: No More Tears - FreeSync is super important when playing competitively

What Monitor Should You Buy For Xbox Series X?

The options are plentiful, as our list of the best monitors for Xbox Series X showcases, but there are a few things you'll want to look out for.

The Xbox Series X is both G-Sync and FreeSync compatible, so we recommend looking closely at the monitor specs to tick those off your list.

We'd also say it's worth looking at some of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors on the market, as they will allow for higher framerates combined with higher resolution when paired with your Series X.

You don't necessarily need to go for a 4K display either, especially if you're playing on a smaller screen for a competitive edge.

Check out some of these top QHD displays to see some alternatives that come in at a much more affordable price range too.

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