Best 360hz Monitor 2022: Our Top Picks For Gaming

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Nvidia's announcement earlier this year got us all very excited about the prospect of 360hz, QHD gaming, so if you're like us and you're looking for the best 360hz monitor, we've got you covered right here.

With their new 40-series graphics cards, Nvidia is currently leading the narrative that 360hz / 1440p is the new standard for esports, and that means it may be time to start upgrading your setup.


Refresh rates of 360hz offer incredibly smooth gameplay, and thanks to new graphics cards that can handle 1440p at this framerate, gamers are going to be able to take advantage of larger screens and higher detail too.

Competitively speaking, 360hz can give you the edge when combined with low response times and low input lag, allowing you to track movements easier.

Having QHD resolution means, in theory, that you should also be able to have more accuracy when aiming too. That's a big step up from the typical FHD, 360hz displays, and also allows for larger screen sizes without losing quality.

We've rounded up what we think are the most impressive 360hz monitors available today, based on specs, general reviews, and features they offer - the majority of which are FHD displays.

We've also highlighted the monitors which are heading our way, that you may want to earmark for a future upgrade. These include the impressive ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN and the epic 300hz ViewSonic XG272G-2K, which we think will make a huge splash on arrival.

We'll update this list frequently to keep you in the loop with all the latest releases, so be sure to check back in with us.

Best 360hz Monitor


Best 360hz Monitor Alienware - Alienware AW2521H

best 360hz monitor alienware
Credit: Alienware
Brand: Alienware | Size: 24.5" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Refresh Rate: 360hz | Response Time: 1ms | Special Features: Nvidia G-Sync, HDR10, NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer

Alienware has some amazing displays focused on performance, and their AW2521H is a great option to consider if you're after something that ticks all the boxes. That being said, don't forget to check out their next release coming soon too... the Alienware AW2723DF.

It's FHD and sized optimally to 24.5", making this a good call for reflex-based shooters and it packs an IPS panel and HDR10 for vivid colour and wide viewing angles.


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It even features the Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer, which measures end-to-end latency across the monitor and other peripherals. That means that you can identify where you may be lagging and make the appropriate adjustments.

Not only are you getting a blisteringly fast 360Hz refresh rate, but this monitor also boasts a rapid 1ms response time to help give you the edge while gaming.

Add that to the signature sleek Alienware design, and the AW2521H is a real winner in our eyes - a great monitor for competitive gaming.

Best 360hz Monitor ASUS - ASUS ROG Swift PG259QNR

best 360hz monitor asus
Credit: ASUS
Brand: ASUS | Size: 24.5" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Refresh Rate: 360hz | Response Time: 1ms | Special Features: Nvidia G-Sync, HDR10, NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer, Desk Mount Kit

ASUS is another big brand that delivers on practically every level when it comes to monitors, and their PG259QNR stands out as one of their most impressive displays to date.

Much like the Alienware entry, this monitor mimics some of the more professional gaming features such as Nvidia's Reflex Latency Analyzer, and also includes more standard settings, such as Nvidia G-Sync to ensure tear-free gameplay thanks to VRR.

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The design itself is pretty epic and we're big fans of the near bezel-less display, which we think gives a more sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, which could suit gaming/ home office hybrid setups too.

Plus, you're also getting HDR10, which should mean that the visuals look seriously impressive thanks to higher contrast levels.


Overall, the ASUS PG259QNR is another killer FHD 360hz monitor well worth looking into.

Best 360hz Monitor MSI - MSI Oculux NXG253R

best 360hz monitor msi
Credit: MSI
Brand: MSI | Size: 24.5" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Refresh Rate: 360hz | Response Time: 1ms | Special Features: Nvidia G-Sync, RGB

The MSI Oculux NXG253R ticks all the boxes you'd need for competitive gaming, from the optimally sized display to the 1ms GtG response time, and more.

The monitor comes with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. Considering the screen size of 24.5-inch, you can expect decent pixel density and sharp visuals.


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You'll also find some RGB on the back of the monitor, just in case you feel like lighting up your setup.

It's one of the more angular and bulky designs we've come across, but it is also one of the most affordable 360hz displays we've seen too.

Best 360hz Monitor ACER - Acer Predator X25

best 360hz monitor acer
Credit: Acer
Brand: Acer | Size: 24.5" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Refresh Rate: 360hz | Response Time: Up to 0.3ms | Special Features: Nvidia G-Sync, NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer, DisplayHDR 400, Speakers

The Acer Predator line boasts some impressive displays, and the X25 appears to go above and beyond.


Perhaps the most striking specs on offer here are the rapid 0.3ms response time and the inclusion of DisplayHDR 400, which makes this monitor both great at picking up small details when gaming, and also a versatile display to enjoy other titles or content too.

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You're also getting Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, which helps to reduce screen tearing to further provide smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

Again, we've got the Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer for the pros out there, and for those who may not want to use a top gaming headset, it even has speakers.

The Acer Predator X25 is another great option for super-fast gaming.

ASUS ROG Swift 360 Hz PG27AQN

Best 360hz monitor - Asus Rog
Credit: Asus

The recently released ASUS ROG Swift monitor packs a QHD display and 360hz refresh rate, making it the 360Hz monitor to keep an eye on, and potentially one of the best 1440p monitors we'll see this year.


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The included ROG desk mount kit will also allow you full customisation of your available space, and with an HDR10 screen alongside NVIDIA's Ultra Low Motion Blur technology, image quality should be crystal clear, even under heavy duress.

The Best Upcoming 360hz Monitors

As we mentioned, we're only just beginning to see more 360hz monitors hit the scene, but earlier this year, Nvidia announced the following 27 Inch monitors, all of which are 1440p, and come in at a minimum of 300hz. Here are the ones to watch out for in the coming months.

Alienware AW2523DF

best 360hz monitor alienware
Credit: Dell

Alienware is looking to release two new monitors into the wild in September and October, although an exact release date is yet to be announced.

We'll focus on the 360hz version here, the AW2523HF, which packs a 25" display, with 0.5ms response time, HDR10, and 99% sRGB.

What does that all mean? Well, it'll be great for fast-paced gaming, but it's not all about that.

The inclusion of HDR10 is a nice touch for anyone who wants to sit back and watch some movies on their monitor, and even though 99% sRGB sounds great for the graphic designers out there (it's okay, but not amazing), it is good to know that the display won't be completely out of its depth with any picture editing and so on.

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Interestingly (in some senses) it's not HDMI 2.1, but that shouldn't sound alarm bells. In fact, many FHD monitors just don't need to be HDMI 2.1, so it's all good there.

The price tag is listed at $449.99, which isn't bad considering it has a few bells and whistles, like a headphone rack, but it may be a little on the expensive side for some setups... especially considering 1440p/ 360hz monitors are heading our way.


Time will tell!

AOC Agon Pro AG274QGM

best 360hz monitor AOC new
Credit: AOC

AOC also recently unveiled their AOC AGON PRO AG274QS gaming monitor, which is also set to feature a 1440p resolution alongside a 300Hz refresh rate.

From the exciting Agon Pro line, AOC's monitor has a 300Hz refresh rate, 1440p resolution, and is mini LED.

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According to reports, it'll be released in China over the Summer, but we think it's likely it'll head over to the US and UK too.



Best 360hz monitor MSI new
Credit: MSI

MSI's MEG 271Q 300Hz monitor also looks to pack a punch at 1440p. Standout features here include an impressive DisplayHDR 1000 certification, a mini LED display and an extremely fast response time.

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Plus, it is also expected to feature NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate and its reflex analyser.

No release date just yet, but one we'll be keeping an eye on.

ViewSonic XG272G-2K

best 360hz monitor viewsonic
Credit: ViewSonic

The ViewSonic XG272G-2K is 27", 1440p, up to 300hz, and comes with Esports Vibrance, Dual-Format, and Reflex Analyzer features.

When ViewSonic's Elite HDMI 2.1 monitor was released, very little was known about it for quite some time, so we're expecting to be drip-fed information on this as we move through the year.

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No release date or price has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned, and don't forget, ViewSonic is also releasing two other monitors this year, the Elite XG321UG and the Elite XG341C-2K, both of which are seriously impressive for a more dual-purpose setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

With 360hz gaming monitors, there are a lot of questions that pop up, and we're here to answer some of the most important ones that can help you decide which monitor is best for you.

How much does a 360hz monitor cost?

Higher refresh rates typically mean higher prices, so come armed with around $500 and you should be able to find something good at 1080p.

The new 1440p, 360hz monitors will tip the scales in relation to price and we're predicting they'll be on par with some of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors, which are around $800 and above.

As to whether they'll be as expensive as some of the best OLED monitors, we'll have to wait and see.

Plus, if you're sticking close to a budget you can always check out our top mid-range monitor picks, best budget 4K monitors, best monitors under 300 or top gaming monitors under 200.

Can the human eye see 360Hz?

It's a very valid question and similarly to the old 'can the human eye see 8K' query, this answer is also up for debate.


Some reports claim that the human eye can see between 30-60 fps, while some research suggests that it's even higher.

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One thing is true, regardless of how our eyes work, 360hz does look very smooth when gaming, especially when compared to 144hz. So we'd say base it on your own judgements first and foremost to decide if it's worth it for you.

Does 360hz make you better at gaming?

There has been a big marketing push around framerates over the past years and you've likely come across the expression 'frames win games' pushed by Nvidia.

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Does it make you better? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, but it can give you a slight edge, as in theory you'll be able to track opponents' movements more accurately, making it ideal for games requiring high precision, such as League of Legends.

For pro gamers, it could make all the difference.

Are 360Hz monitors worth it?

Yes, they are, but it's more about what they're good for. Competitive gaming is the area you'll see the most bang for your buck with the higher refresh rates.

If you're a casual-competitive player, we'd say go for any one of the best 240hz monitors out there or even one of the best 144hz monitors.

For more relaxed, casual gaming, the world is your oyster, but make sure it's over 60hz and you pick the best size screen for gaming too.

Is 360hz too smooth?

For many, it may appear a little unusual to start with, but you quickly get used to it and you'll likely find yourself wondering how you ever played without it in a matter of hours.


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It's all about personal preference, so try it out and see if it's to your liking.

You can find several frame rate comparisons online, including this video that shows everything from 1fps to 360fps.

Does HDMI support 360hz?

No, but DisplayPort 1.4 does. This is one of the key reasons why DisplayPort wins over HDMI for PC gaming arguably.

360hz monitors are more tailored to PCs than other monitors on the market, however, that may change with the relentless advances in console upgrades, like the rumoured PS5 Pro.

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You can take your pick from what we think are some of the best DisplayPort cables right here.

How much FPS can a 360Hz monitor display?

A 360hz monitor means it can display up to 360 fps, but it's worth keeping in mind that framerates rise and fall depending on what's going on in the game.

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That's where G-Sync and FreeSync compatible monitors can help to ensure there's no screen tearing thanks to VRR (variable refresh rate) tech.

Is there a 4K 360Hz monitor?

In short, no. Having the ability to play games at 4K with the super-smooth 360Hz refresh rate still looks to be a long way off, especially given we are currently only able to experience 4K at 120Hz with HDMI 2.1.


Current graphics cards do not look to support it either, but the launch of Nvidia's RTX 40 series cards could make this more of a reality.

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With that being said, we are seeing monitors like the recently released Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 and a TCL prototype 240Hz monitor that can offer 4K at 240Hz, so it may be the case that 4K at 360Hz isn't all too far off.

Is a 27-inch monitor best for gaming?

There is some debate over the best monitor size for gaming and with the focus on 360hz, 1440p, and 27-inch displays for the future, it's a valid question to ask.

The general consensus is that this screen size and resolution can assist in aiming by a small percentage. Of course, that matters for pro gamers, but for most the size offers a mid-ground for both gaming, working, and consuming content.

Thanks to the laws of pixel density, you'll also find that 1440p on a 27-inch monitor has a surprisingly high resolution, as does FHD on a 24-inch monitor.

However, if you prefer gaming on a larger screen, you may want to consider playing on a TV rather than a gaming monitor or even ear-marking Corsair's upcoming bendable gaming monitor for something entirely different!

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