Best gaming monitor deals in July 2023

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Image of a curved Samsung monitor sat on a desk next to a lamp, surrounded by blue and pink backlighting.
Credit: Samsung

The best gaming monitor deals change pretty much daily, because websites know that the only thing gamers love more than high-fidelity visuals and a high frame rate is a good deal. Scouring the internet to find the best gaming monitor deals isn’t something we’d ever ask you to waste your time doing though, which is why we’ve gone ahead and done it for you.

While grabbing the best gaming monitor for cheap is the dream, for a lot of people, it’s not about getting the best possible option out there and spending an ungodly amount of money; it’s about getting a good mix of features for a lower price. There’s a balance to these things, and while we’d all love to have an 8k 0.01ms monitor fall into our laps, not many of us live underneath gaming monitor shops, so it’s just not going to happen.

Perhaps the closest most people are going to get to a top-tier laptop falling into their lap is through discounts, and luckily for you, we've found a few of the best gaming monitor deals to kick off your search. Our selection strikes a balance between quality features with a good initial price, and then an even better discount.

Samsung 27" Odyssey G32A FHD Gaming Monitor

Best cheap gaming monitor deal

Samsung Odyssey G32A product image of a black monitor with a purple and white sci-fi scene on the display
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Credit: Samsung
Size: 27” - Refresh Rate: 165Hz - Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - Response Time: 1ms
  • Price: $279.99
  • Discount: 32%
  • Price after discount: $190.31

This 27” Samsung Odyssey G32A is replete with features that not only make it better for gaming, but also for ergonomic performance. We know ergonomics aren't the first thing you think about when buying a monitor, but once you get past the age of around 25, you’re going to need to think about your long-term health, because it’s going to be thinking about you constantly.

This monitor has a height-adjustable screen along with an eye-saver mode too. If you’re someone who spends a large amount of time in front of your monitor, whether that’s because you’re grinding out levels in Elder Scrolls Online, or staring at spreadsheets, then an eye-saver mode is a huge boon. It also has a three-sided borderless design, helping it look clean and stylish in your setup.

Performance-wise, it boasts a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, ensuring ultrasmooth gameplay as well on its 1080p screen. So if you need a new gaming monitor for your setup, make sure you capitalise on this great deal.

Acer Predator X35 Ultrawide QHD Gaming Monitor

Best ultrawide gaming monitor deal

Acer Predator X35 product image of an ultrawide gaming monitor featuring an erupting volcano on the display.
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Credit: Acer
Size: 35" - Refresh Rate: 200Hz - Resolution: 3440 x 1440 - Response Time: 2ms
  • Price: $2,499.99
  • Discount: 23%
  • Price after discount: $1,934.99

As far as ultrawide monitors go, this Acer Predator X35 display is hard to beat, especially as you can save a massive 23% right now if you buy it from Amazon.

It comes with a 1800R curve to ensure every inch of its large 35" screen stays in view, while also immersing you in some crisp Quad HD visuals. On the gaming side, it boasts a 200Hz refresh rate as well as NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate technology, helping it deliver stutter-free gameplay to keep you one step ahead of your competition. Overall, it's an excellent ultrawide monitor, made even better by this great deal.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-Inch Curved Gaming Screen

Best big gaming monitor deal

Samsung Odyssey Ark product image of a black monitor featuring a sci-fi space scene of someone in a space suit standing on a planet with a purple sky.
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Credit: Samsung
Size: 55” - Refresh Rate: 165Hz - Resolution: 3820 x 2160 - Response Time: 1ms
  • Price: $3499.99
  • Discount: 43%
  • Price after discount: $1999.99

This massive 55" curved gaming screen has 4K visuals, a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, and the ability to draw you into your games in a way that’s hard to manage outside of virtual reality. It even has something called Sound Dome Technology, which means it has a total of six speakers to allow it to function more like a TV than a monitor - you could call it versatile.

It has multi-view too, which means you can actually treat it like four screens at once, making it exceptional for those who like to multitask. It’s just straight-up one of the best curved monitors out there at the moment, and the discount it has on it makes it a good time to invest.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-Inch WQHD


Best curved gaming monitor deal

Samsung Odyssey G7 product image of a black monitor featuring a sci-fi walkway bathed in blue lighting on the display.
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Credit: Samsung
Size: 32” - Refresh Rate: 240Hz - Resolution: 2560 x 1440 - Response Time: 1ms
  • Price: $799.99
  • Discount: 31%
  • Price after discount: $549.99

Finally, we come to the Samsung Odyssey G7. This bad boy is rocking a higher resolution than the other reasonably priced options on the list and has an excellent 240Hz refresh rate to match. It’s also pretty large, making it suitable for a single-monitor setup, or just really big desks, and it still has a 1ms response time too. It even has a slight curve, which can really improve immersion.

What's more, you get NVIDIA G-Sync and Freesync to avoid dropping frames, and has a stunning image thanks to its beautiful QLED screen. The HDR on this also helps bring more depth to games, which means that horror titles are going to be way scarier, and it’ll also mean that FPS games will have you getting taken out by hidden foes in dark corners less often. The discount is nice as well, making it a great option to upgrade your setup right now.

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