Dr Disrespect Teases Something Big as More Challengers Are Announced for Fortnite Tournament

An image of a table, with which Dr Disrespect is teasing something.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on Twitter.

An image of a table, with which Dr Disrespect is teasing something.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on Twitter.

Moustachioed streamer Dr Disrespect already has an event imminently on the horizon, being set to host a ‘Hot Shot Duo Drop’ event later this week, but he also looks to be teasing something else.

The tease comes as participants for the May 27 Fortnite clash are being announced, with Ninja already among those set to compete for the $100k grand prize.

The blue-haired one’s inclusion was announced earlier this week via a tweet from the esports & content creator platform BoomTV, which has since added more names to the star-studded entry list.

Dr Disrespect Teases Something Big as Fortnite Challengers Tournament Are Announced

Taking to Twitter, Dr Disrespect posted an image of a table with a folder labelled ‘NDA’ on it, captioning it: “I know I know, streams have been limited as of late. But I don’t need no lip. You know the drill.”

Fan reaction to the Tweet featured a lot of anticipation for a return to more frequent streaming, though one did say: “Totally understand Doc! Million dollar deals don't happen in a day. Just know though, we're struggling out here lol”

Meanwhile, BoomTV’s Twitter account has revealed that a truckload of other creators will be joining the already announced foursome of Ninja, Timthetatman, Dr Lupo and Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop.

The list of prospective 2v2 elimination racers set to battle it out in Fortnite’s zero build mode now includes Tfue, Zemie, Punz, Foolish Gamers, Wardell, EaJ, StoneMountain64, ZLaner, Summit1g and Hutch.

You can catch the action via Dr Disrespect’s YouTube channel, where it’ll be streamed, though if you’re after a specific creator’s point of view of proceeding, odds are they’ll be streaming too.

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm, has also made the news recently for seemingly teasing his own Lego set and being called out for an influencer boxing match by YouTuber Harley Morenstein, as well as via the release of a roadmap for an upcoming game from his game studio, Midnight Society.

Ninja, meanwhile, has recently seen his icon skin return to Fortnite’s item store and also revealed what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream featuring fellow influencers Ludwig and MrBeast earlier this month.

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