Ninja Stunned by Dr Lupo Chat Ban

An image of Ninja.

An image of Ninja.

Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has tweeted his surprise following a Twitch ban handed down to fellow streamer Dr Lupo.

The ban comes as the result of a sexually suggestive comment posted by Dr Lupo in the Twitch chat of one of Ninja’s streams.

Seemingly intended as a joke, the comment has instead earned Dr Lupo a community guidelines strike for unsolicited sexual advances, which has resulted in a seven-day restriction of access to Twitch services for the YouTube streamer.

Ninja Stunned by Dr Lupo Chat Ban

Dr Lupo posted a screenshot of the message he’d received from Twitch informing him of the ban to Twitter, sarcastically commenting: “I will learn from my mistakes”, in addition to detailing the specific phrase that earned him the strike.

In the screenshot, Twitch describes the rule violated by Dr Lupo as: “targeting another person with unsolicited sexual advances, graphic and vulgar sexual comments, or sending them unwanted links to sexually explicit content”.

The ban solicited bemused reactions from many other streamers.

For example, Asmongold replied to Dr Lupo’s tweet saying: “glad to see twitch finally holding big streamers accountable”, which prompted Trainwreckstv to respond: “big streamers? Where?”.

Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, decided to conduct an experiment based on the incident, posting the same comment in the chat of one of her husband’s streams to see whether she would get banned.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether or not she did receive a ban.

YouTuber Melt also replied to Dr Lup’s tweet, expressing frustration at Twitch by saying: “and they wonder why so many people are switching to YouTube”.

On the other hand, one Twitter user pointed out that Dr Lupo had posted an equally lewd comment in the Twitch chat of streamer Shroud in August 2020 and not received a ban because of it.

This discrepancy is likely a result of changes Twitch has since made to its rules regarding harassment, which came into effect in January 2021 and were designed to improve the day-to-day experience of marginalised people using the platform.

Ninja has also made the news recently for a number of other reasons, including appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon following a rebrand last month.

He also explained what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream featuring fellow influencers Ludwig and MrBeast.

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