Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Continues Hiring Spree

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Streamer Dr Disrespect’s game studio continues to add more talent to its ever-growing staff as it works on its first game.

Following the appointment of Halo and Elder Scrolls developer Alex Fennell as Midnight Society’s new Technical Director of Infrastructure on 9 May, both Howard Coulby and Rodney Gilyard have also joined the studio.

The news has been welcomed on Twitter by both Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society Studio Head Robert Bowling.

Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Continues Hiring Spree

First to join was Gilyard on May 10, to take up the role of Software Engineer, with Midnight Society describing him in their announcement of his arrival as possessing “expertise in responsive feature-rich front-end designs”, which will help players to interact with the studio’s upcoming game, codenamed project moon, in innovative new ways.

Studio Head Robert Bowling quote tweeted the announcement to add: “Delivering a community-focused experience means not only building in-game features that the community needs to thrive but also building a world-class frontend team to ensure they can engage with the game in all-new ways when NOT playing. Having Rodney's help defining THAT is (key)”.

Coulby, a former Halo and Star Wars developer, joined a day later on May 11 as a Technical Art Director, with the studio’s announcement citing his ability to push “the visual boundaries of what's possible”.

Bowling also quote tweeted the announcement to welcome Coulby, saying: “Unreal Engine 5 provides us an absolutely insane foundation to build upon and Howard has been cranking it to 11!”

The pair join a team that already includes a number of industry veterans, including Fennell and former Star Wars game programmer James W. Gray III, who joined as a Gameplay Engineering Director on April 28.

Midnight Society has also hit the headlines for more controversial reasons recently, making NFT minting history despite many prospective players on social media declaring a desire for the studio’s upcoming game to refrain from including NFT elements.

The studio itself was only founded in late 2021, with the stated goal of creating “the best, most community-focused online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen”, which could reflect the idea of “a future in which developers no longer create experiences in a vacuum and players share in a game’s success”.

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm, also made the news last week when he tweeted about his frustrations with YouTube Gaming over the alleged lack of support it offers creators, with some fans encouraging him to jump to another platform.

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