Ninja’s Icon Skin Returns to Fortnite Item Shop

An image of the Ninja Fortnite skin.

An image of the Ninja Fortnite skin.

Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ icon skin has returned to Fortnite, with lucky players getting their hands on it and using the code ‘NINJA’ at checkout.

The skin, originally released in January 2020 as part of the icon series, has returned to the item shop for the first time since August 2021.

Ninja took to Twitter to announce its return, encouraging players to tweet him a picture as soon as they landed it.

Ninja’s Icon Skin Returns to Fortnite Item Shop

Several players have done just that, littering the replies to the tweet with images of the skin in their possession.

However, fellow Fortnite streamer diorsgrande also replied, saying: “didn’t your wife say it was never gonna come back like a year ago and it came back like a billion different times since then”, referencing an announcement by Jessica Blevins that the skin wouldn’t appear after May 2020, which was made false by the item’s reinstatement as part of the Loserfruit bundle.

Another Twitch streamer, GameFreakness, said that they’d like to see the skin come in different colours from its default blue, suggesting that Epic games could introduce red and pink versions and donate some of the profits to the Red Cross and a breast cancer charity respectively.

Meanwhile, Ninja retweeted fellow Fortnite streamer Ranger, who posted a clip of themselves getting an impressive long-range kill while wearing the skin.

Ninja has also made the news recently for a number of other reasons, including appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon following a rebrand last month.

He also explained what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream featuring fellow influencers Ludwig and MrBeast.

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