Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Hires Halo and Elder Scrolls Developer

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Streamer Dr Disrespect’s game studio has added another industry veteran to its staff.

Alex Fennell is set to take up the position of Technical Director of Infrastructure at Midnight Society, having previously worked on several high-profile games as an engineer.

Dr Disrespect welcomed the news on social media, retweeting Midnight Society’s announcement on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Hires Ex-Halo Developer

In the tweet, Midnight Society described Fennell as a developer whose “world-building know-how turns ‘would be cool’ ideas into reality.”

The studio also cited his experience working on games like Halo Infinite, The Elder Scrolls Online, and several The Sims titles.

Midnight Society Studio Head Robert Bowling also posted a tweet welcoming Fennell, adding: “Alex's expertise in massive multiplayer infrastructure is allowing us to not only deliver on our promise of extreme early access but to build upon it in ways that have never been done.

Fennell joins a team that already includes a number of industry veterans, including former Star Wars game programmer James W. Gray III, who joined as a Gameplay Engineering Director on April 28.

Midnight Society has also hit the headlines for more controversial reasons recently, making NFT minting history despite many prospective players on social media declaring a desire for the studio’s upcoming game to refrain from including NFT elements.

The studio itself was only founded in late 2021, with the stated goal of creating “the best, most community-focused online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen”, which could reflect the idea of “a future in which developers no longer create experiences in a vacuum and players share in a game’s success”.

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm, also made the news last week when he tweeted about his frustrations with YouTube Gaming over the alleged lack of support it offers creators, with some fans encouraging him to jump to another platform.

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