Dr Disrespect’s Game Studio Outlines Roadmap For ‘Project Moon’

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A promo image for 'Project Moon'.

If you’re a fan of Dr Disrespect and can’t wait to get your hands on the game that his studio, Midnight Society, are working on, then today might be your lucky day.

The popular streamer has retweeted a roadmap that the studio has put together, which sheds some light on what the next few months will look like for ‘Project Moon’, commenting “it begins…”.

Promising “an onslaught of content”, the roadmap is set to kick off in June and run throughout the summer.

Midnight Society Outlines Roadmap For ‘Project Moon’

First up on the list of content is an access pass, due to be released in June, via which the “first 10k Founders” will be able to claim in order to “reveal their unique Variant within the VisorCortex Database”, as well as compare its “unique Variant traits” with those of other players via a dashboard.

The variants are an example of the NFT-esque elements Midnight Society are integrating into the game, a practice which has earned criticism from some prospective players on social media.

Following the access pass will be the first of the game’s first playable build, which is set to be accessible to access pass holders in July, who will be able to fire up the “Project Moon Launcher” via their variant profile, enabling them to “grab a gun and hit the range”.

Also in July will be a “Founders Event” set to take place in Los Angeles. This will seemingly give those who’ve dipped their toes into the initial build a chance to meet up with both Dr Disrespect himself and the Midnight Society team itself, giving the opportunity to provide some player feedback, which is one of the elements that the studio promised would set it apart upon its formation in late 2021.

Finally, the release of the snapshot build is set to kick off a six-week-long cycle of new content deliveries, which will “include fresh drops of the latest dev build along with a high-fidelity digital Variant Guide packed with concept art, progress screenshots, fanart, and expanding lore”.

Midnight Society has also made the news lately as a result of adding a number of industry veterans to its team, including Alex Fennell and James W. Gray III.

Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has recently announced a new Fortnite event and tweeted about his frustrations with YouTube Gaming over the alleged lack of support it offers creators, with some fans encouraging him to jump to another platform.

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