Ninja Calls on Fortnite to Remove Gun as Dr Disrespect Announces In-Game Event

A promo image for Fortnite.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo image for Fortnite.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Everyone’s favourite mid-air bus ride simulator Fortnite continues to attract attention from some of gaming’s biggest content creators as it draws close to the dawn of Chapter 3 Season 3.

Popular streamers Ninja and Dr Disrespect have both tweeted about the game in the past 24 hours, though their posts offer vastly different reflections of the state of the game.

One announced an event they’re hosting in the game later this month, while the other would simply prefer it if a certain gun wasn’t there anymore.

Ninja Wants Fortnite Gun Removed as Dr Disrespect Announces Event

First of all, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, whose icon skin recently resurfaced in the game, has urged its developers to remove one of its shotguns, which he thinks is making the game less fun to play.

“Fortnite would be in such a better spot for no builds if they remove the Un fun gun (drum shotgun)”, said the streamer, tagging the official Fortnite account in his tweet and adding about the gun: “(it) takes zero skill and ruins the shotgun fights.”

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm, on the other hand, has announced that he’ll be hosting an event called the ‘Hot Shot Duo Drop’, which will see players compete in 2v2 zero build elimination races.

The event, due to take place on May 27, is slated to be offering a $100k grand prize to the winner.

Beahm has also made the news recently after being called out for an influencer boxing match by YouTuber Harley Morenstein, as well as via a string of hires by his game studio, Midnight Society.

The streamer has also recently tweeted about some frustrations of his own with YouTube Gaming over the alleged lack of support it offers creators, with some fans encouraging him to jump to another platform.

Ninja, meanwhile, recently explained what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream featuring fellow influencers Ludwig and MrBeast.

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