Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn - How to Build and Place

Image of Ares in front of a monster barn in Rune Factory 5

The Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn is a crucial component in building up your farm and giving a home to the game's vast array of tamable beasts. It'll quickly become one of the best ways to look after your enormous monster allies, but actually making the barn isn't particularly straightforward. We're here to help make it a bit easier, though.

This guide will run through what the Monster Barn is in Rune Factory 5, on top of how you build it, and how to place it. You'll need to complete these steps to start taming the monsters you meet in dungeon crawls, so it's information that's definitely worth having.

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What Is the Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn?

The Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn is a type of craftable building. It's used to house the monsters you can tame in the wild, giving them a place to live while you tuck in at SEED HQ. In the Monster Barn, you can groom them using the brush and keep them fed by regularly stocking the fodder containers dotted around the area.

You first come across the monster barn in Rune Factory 5 as part of a quest started by Ryker. This task comes up on the notice board by SEED HQ. He wants you to build the monster barn in exchange for a brush - a key tool for monster upkeep.

Image of the Studio Palmo shop screen with the monster barn highlighted.
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How To Build the Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn

Once you've accepted Ryker's task of building the Monster barn, it's time to get to work. You'll need to go to Studio Palmo and get chatting to the shopkeeper, also called Palmo. Chat to hear, tap the renovate menu, and you'll find the monster barn within.

Instead of costing you money, you instead need plenty of resources to construct the barn yourself. More specifically, it'll take 30 Material Stone, 50 Lumber, and 100P to make it. That's fortunately not too taxing a job, since you'll likely already have enough resources from the time spent cleaning up your fields. If you aren't sure, check the stone and lumber chest in your bedroom. If you don't have enough, you can head to your barn dragon to pick up any last bits you may need.

Once you've got the resources together, it's time to build. It's a passive process that merely requires you to click through some menus, though you are given the choice of what the barn will be called.

How To Place the Rune Factory 5 Monster Barn

With the barn built, you can now choose where to place it. It's very straightforward because you only get three choices for its destination: your house, a farm dragon, or carrying it yourself. The easiest options are of course either of the first two, but you'll need to make sure you've got space there before confirming.

With that done, you can head to the destination and check out the barn. Your next task will then be to tame some monsters and give them a home in the barn - though that's a story for another guide!

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