Cookie Run: Kingdom - Best Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings Build

March 23, 2022: Though Affogato Cookie is likely going back to the standard banner rates soon, you can still make the most of the Dark Cacao Cookie toppings build by pulling in upcoming banners until you unlock this big bad boy for free.

Now that he's available through the limited-time Nether Gacha, we've given the new Ancient Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie a good look. Although he's rightfully very strong in his own ways, you'll want to follow up with the best Dark Cacao Cookie toppings build to maximize his potential.

Before he released, this page quickly went over what we think we know about Dark Cacao Cookie as well as his planned release date. Now that that's happened, we've switched things around to focus on the best Dark Cacao toppings you'll want to use to make your cool new cookie work for you.

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Solid Almond x5
Searing Raspberry x5

Being a frontal Charge unit, there are plenty of reasons to suggest going for a Solid Almond set as the best Dark Cacao Cookie toppings build.

It can be tempting to go for pure attack with Searing Raspberry to hit hard right out of the gate, but going for endurance could give Dark Cacao Cookie the time he needs to get one or two more attacks out - which will equal far more outgoing damage than one slightly buffed blow before he's knocked out.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom Dark Cacao Cookie release date is near.
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What Role is Dark Cacao Cookie?

Often depicted with a large sword - not unlike Dark Choco Cookie's - the Dark Cacao Cookie role is 'Charge', which always demands a 'Front' position. This would match the aforementioned cookie's position on the field as well - like father, like son.

In practice, expect Dark Cacao Cookie to run in and deal heavy damage, likely stunning the enemy team early on and creating a wide opening for other fast attackers to get their moves in before they can be stopped.

What Rarity Is Dark Cacao Cookie?

Dark Cacao Cookie is an Ancient Cookie - the third of his kind after Pure Vanilla Cookie and Hollyberry Cookie.

Dark Cacao featured heavily in the more recent story chapters, and will continue to do so in the next. In the story trailer, we hear the new Ancient Cookie defend his kingdom by slathering chocolate all over its walls. We then hear his son, Dark Choco Cookie, antagonise his father from his own throne. Expect a lot of drama.

Dark Cacao Cookie released on February 24, 2022. The announcement was made through an official tweet. There's every chance the date could change - like Eclair and Tea Knight in January - but announcing it this close to launch suggests everything is ready to roll.

And that's all we know about the Cookie Run: Kingdom Dark Cacao Cookie release date and best toppings right now. Check back on release for a more definitive Dark Cacao Cookie build. For more games like this, we suggest checking out the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list and League of Pantheons code page to get a good start in similar arena RPGs.

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