Cookie Run: Kingdom Affogato Cookie Best Toppings Build

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March 23, 2022: Today is your last day to pull for this one before it's no longer rate up. Max him out and get using the best Affogato Cookie toppings to make a real splash in PVP.

Now that the new Cookie Run cookie has arrived, it's time to take a good, long look at its ability. It'll take a little bit of time to decide on the absolute best Affogato Cookie toppings, but here are the toppings you'll want to use straight away if you already have them on hand.

Before launch, we tallied up everything we knew about Affogato Cookie prior to release. Though the new cookie leaked long before the release date came, we didn't know the new character's ability - a major contributing factor to its usefulness. Now that we do, it's time to break down what makes them great and how you can use the best Cookie Run: Kingdom Affogato Cookie toppings to make them better.

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Now that we now its ability, here's what we think at the best Affogato Cookie toppings.
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Swift Chocolate x5
Searing Raspberry x5
Searing Raspberry x3, Swift Chocolate x2

Until we get a better idea of how well Affogato Cookie performs in battle, a quick look at his ability would suggest that a full (or mixed) spread of Attack or Cooldown Reduction toppings would be best.

Attack will help with outgoing damage, but the debilitating debuffs of Affogato Cookie's ability are a prime counter to recent powerhouses like Eclair Cookie, which would make cooldown reduction a major factor in cancelling out Eclair's powerful attack.

In arena, the best Affogato Cookie build will probably use a full stack of Swift Chocolate toppings to get one or two extra abilities out.

What Role is Affogato Cookie?

Affogato Cookie is a bomber-class character. We had a good idea about this after a South Korean leak, but we now have official confirmation. They're a 'Bomber' role Cookie with 'Middle' positioning, so expect an area-damage glass cannon.

What Rarity Is Affogato Cookie?

Affogato Cookie is an Epic rarity Cookie. They'll likely replace Eclair Cookie in the standard gacha, so expect a higher drop rate than the other Epic cookies in the pool for a while. This makes Affogato Cookie the game's first Epic Bomber, only behind Sea Fairy Cookie in terms of rarity/role combination.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom new Cookie - Affogato Cookie - released on February 24, 2022.

The announcement was made through an official tweet. There's every chance the date could change at the last minute - we've had it happen before - but announcing it this close to the big day suggests the developers made sure everything was ready before getting everyone hyped up.

How Do I Get Affogato Cookie?

Affogato Cookie is the featured cookie in his own banner right now. If you have enough crystals or cookie cutters, just pull until you get him

And that's all we know about the Cookie Run: Kingdom Affogato Cookie release date and best toppings so far. Check back for the finer details when the character releases. For more games like this, we suggest checking out the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list and League of Pantheons code page to get a good start in similar arena RPGs.

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