Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list - Who are the romance options?

Image of the protagonist Ares farming in Rune Factory 5.
September 13, 2022: We gave the Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list a spring clean.

With so many characters available to romance, who can say which is truly the best in our Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list? Though it's based on nothing but personal opinion, you can use it to determine the personality of all of your options, learn the sort of places they're most often found in Rigbarth, and what you can do to win their hearts.

Our Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list will not simply explore the personality and quirks of each male romantic partner in the game. We'll also dig a little deeper into how you charm them, boosting your chances of them accepting any romantic proposals you may have. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to start your own love story in no time.

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Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list - Who's The best boy?

Character name
Cecil, Lucas

Right now, there are six bachelors available for your character to romance in Rune Factory 5. Of course, it's not especially easy to get on the good side of them all.

Each NPC in Rigbarth has their own personality, likes, and specific requests to bestow upon you. If you stick at it long enough, you'll be able to marry them and have a child if you so desire.

Since there's no specific gameplay benefit to choosing one bachelor over another, our tier list is purely based on opinions. While you'll end up experiencing different quests based on how far you progress each bachelor's relationship tree, you won't end up with a tangibly better experience.

To help you decide who's right for you, we've got into more detail on each bachelor below.

Cecil ranks relatively low on the Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list.
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+ 6

Who are the Rune Factory 5 bachelors?


First up is Rigbarth's amateur detective, who follows around his idol Terry at his mystery-solving agency. Cecil is always eager to help out, often seen sprinting around the town investigating mysteries of his own. You can normally find him around either the S.E.E.D. Outpost or at Terry's Detective Agency just south of that.

The more you interact with Cecil, the more open he'll become with quests to take on and cases to solve. Slowly complete these tasks, talk to him daily, and you should be able to attempt a romantic sweep.

Lucas ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list.
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+ 6


Next is Lucas, the suave, amnesia-stricken new arrival to Rigbarth. Quite like the protagonist, he's got no knowledge of his past, and spends much of his time trying to piece together his memories. Rather than settling down at a specific location, he's often found wandering the streets of the town. If you speak to him enough and get your closeness up, he'll accompany you on adventures too.

If you want a romantic partner who's mysterious but loyal, the Lucas is one you'll potentially want to spend time getting to know.

Martin ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list.
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+ 6


Martin is the rough-and-ready apprentice blacksmith taught by Darroch. He's initially quite cold when you first meet him, but he slowly comes out of his shell the more you purchase new items from the shop, and speak to him on a daily basis. He's not one of the more obvious romance choices in Rune Factory 5, but if you want a romantic partner who'll follow you into battle with blistering efficiency, Martin is for you. He's usually at the forge, though sometimes ends up in the general store.

Murakumo ranks average on the Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list but is adored by a certain subset of people.
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Murakumo is one of the more outgoing bachelors in Rigbarth, a were-animal who runs the local inn. He's often indebted to the protagonist due to them helping his sister Misasagi, and as such allows you to visit the inn's bath facilities free of charge for the first few times.

You'll end up getting quite close to Murakumo due to his relations to Hina and from visiting the inn's rejuvenating springs in general, so the romantic path can come quite naturally. It's another solid choice due to his sheer brawn in battle and charming loyalty.

Reinhard ranks at the top of our Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list as a literal knight in shining armour.
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Reinhard is a knight sworn to protect the mysterious new arrival, Beatrice. He's a hard nut to crack and often calls upon the protagonist for sporadic quests to take down monsters surrounding Rigbarth. It's an easy way to get close to him, which makes any attempt to romance him that bit easier, but you could hand over some bread to speed the process up. Quite like Murakumo, he's a brilliant companion to take into battle.

Ryker ranks far down in our Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list.
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+ 6


The last bachelor current in Rune Factory 5is Ryker, the taciturn carpenter who is rarely found outside of his home, which doubles as Palmo's shop. Ryker's personality is a very lazy one, so most of the time you'll have to go searching to interact with him. The process of wooing him is a familiar one, though he's ill-suited to combat.

How do I romance Rune Factory 5 bachelors?

Now you've met all of the bachelors in Rune Factory 5, it's time to break down exactly how you can get them to fall in love with you. The following activities are the best way to boost your closeness to a character, which then makes confessing your feelings easier:

  • Speak to them at least once a day
  • Bring them gifts (liked, loved, and neutral)
  • Complete tasks from the board on their behalf
  • Attend festivals
  • Use a love potion with them

All of these activities will gradually build up your love bar, which is denoted by the range of heart icons when you go on the characters menu. Once you've got the bachelor of your choice well and truly head over heels for you, go and talk to them. Press L or R to open the alternative dialogue options, profess your love to them, and if you've got your level high enough, they may return the favour!

That's everything you need to know about romancing the bachelors and who the best ones are in Rune Factory 5. Why not take some time to look at our other tier lists? Check out our YuGiOh Master Duel Decks Tier List and our Dragalia Lost Best Characters Tier List. Tier Lists are solely our opinion, you may have your own preferences!

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