Rune Factory 5 Voice Actors - Full Cast List

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Image of two SEED agents fighting in Rune Factory 5.

In the deep world of Rigbarth, the Rune Factory 5 voice actors bring it to life. With so many villagers to meet, charm, and even romance, they'll become some of your closest allies. And if you know you've heard that voice somewhere but just can't place it, we've drafted up a list to help with that.

This list of Rune Factory 5 voice actors will go through the English and Japanese voices for the townspeople you'll spend countless hours interacting with. We'll also go through some of the more notable voices you may recognise from other games and anime.

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Rune Factory 5 Voice Actors - Full Cast List

Character EN voice actor Known For JP voice actor Known For
AresRobbie DaymondCritical Role, Persona 5Toshiyuki ToyonagaLink Click, Dragon Quest Dai
AliceAllegra ClarkDragon Age Inquisition, Fire Emblem: Three HousesSora AmamiyaRent a Girlfriend, The Seven Deadly Sins
PriscillaMegan Taylor HarveyScarlet Nexus, Trails of Cold SteelInori MinaseSword Art Online, Re: ZERO
MartinGriffin PuatuTales of Arise, BeastarsJun FukuyamaCode Geass
ScarlettErica MendezFire Emblem: Three Houses, Genshin ImpactSuzaki AyaTamako Love Story, Knights of Sidonia
ReinhardChris HackneyFire Emblem: Three Houses, Pokemon EvolutionsNatsuki HanaeDemon Slayer, The Case Study of Vanitas
LucyErika LindbeckFinal Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5Yuka IguchiA Certain Magical Index
CecilZeno RobinsonOwl House, Pokemon JourneysAyumu MoraseHaikyuu!
FuukaCristina ValenzuelaHunter x Hunter, Devilman CrybayAki ToyosakiA Certain Scientific Railgun, Room Camp
MurokamoKaiji TangYakuza: Like A Dragon, BakiShunsuke TakeuchiBravely Default 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake
LudmilaBrianna KnickerbockerGenshin Impact, Shenmue IIIMorohoshi SumireThe Promised Neverland, Tokyo Ghoul
LucasMark WhittenLost Ark, Demon SlayerMorikobu ShowtaroDemon Slayer
BeatriceJulie Ann TaylorNieR Replicant, Re: ZEROTomoyo KurosawaSound! Euphonium, Scarlet Nexus
RykerAlejandro SaabMy Hero AcademiaYoshitsugu MatsuokaSword Art Online, Demon Slayer
LiviaChristine Marie CabanosEvangelion, Puella Magi Magika MadokaSayaka SenbongiOpera Girl, Pokemon Evolutions
GideonBrad VenableDetective PikachuOno DaisukeAttack on Titan, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
OswaldSungWon ChoRanking of Kings, AggretsukoChafurinHigurahshi, DragonBall GT
SimoneVeronica TaylorPokemon HeroesMarika KounoHinako Note
TerryJoe ZiejaTrails of Cold Steel, Fire Emblem: Three HousesTaku YashiroTiger Mask, King of Prism
HinaMela LeeApex Legends, Fate/Stay NightShiina NatsukawaMagia Record, Endro
JulianVeronica TaylorPokemon HeroesMasami SuzukiSlayers, Warriors Orochi 4
ElsjeFaye MataLeague of Legends, Sword Art OnlineAkari KitouDemon Slayer, Love Live!
MisasakiErika IshiiApex Legends, DeathloopYukiyo FujiiKomi Can't Communicate
RandolphFrank TodaroThe Cuphead Show, Demon SlayerVolcano OotaLupin the Third
YukiPhilece SamplerDemon Slayer, DigimonNaoko WatanabeDoraemon the Movie
HeinzKyle HebertDragon BallZTakumu MiyazonoSword Art Online, My Hero Academia
DarrochJamieson PriceLost JudgmentHirofumi NojimaInazuma Eleven
PalmoEzra WeiszJojo's Bizarre AdventureTakahiro FujimotoOne Piece

If you recognise some of the voices in Rune Factory 5, then that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Robbie Daymond, who plays the male protagonist Ares, was recently heard in Horizon: Forbidden West as Bree, and Grice in Attack on Titan: Final Season.

The female protagonist Alice is voiced by Allegra Clark, who anime fans may recognise as the voice behind Maki Xenin in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

Some of the bachelors and bachelorettes are well-known voice actors as well. Megan Taylor Harvey, who plays Priscilla, can be heard as Sophia in Persona 5 Strikers. There's also Mark Whitten who plays Lucas. They are known for playing Armen in the newly released Lost Ark game - our extensive Lost Ark classes tier list can get you engrossed in that F2P game.

Image of the Rune Factory 5 language settings screen.
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How Do I Change Language in Rune Factory 5?

If you recognise some of the Japanese voice actors in the list above and want to hear them in action, then Rune Factory 5 makes it quite easy to change your language settings.


All you need to do is head to the main menu, and hit the Language Settings option. That'll bring up a range of language options, so you can easily test out another set of voice actors if you wish. Just remember to switch it back afterward so you can understand the dialogue again!

That's it for our full cast list of Rune Factory 5 voice actors! Be sure to take a good look at all the actors out there, so you can be ready for any recognisable voices in this farming sim for Switch. The developer Hakama Inc. has collated plenty of anime staples to voice the inhabitants of Rigbarth, leaving a lot for players to discover.

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