Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes tier list - Who are the romance options?

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September 13, 2022: We gave the Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes tier list a seeing to.

Wondering who the best girl is in Rune Factory 5? This Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes tier list details their personalities and where you can often find them, which should make romancing your potential partner much easier. Rune Factory 5 finally adds same-sex marriage to the series, so anyone can woo the eligible ladies of Rigbarth.

Elsewhere in this guide, we'll also run through some of the tasks you can do to bolster your chances of your prospective partner accepting your proposal. That often hinges on giving gifts and fulfilling specific requirements to boost your relationship level, so it's definitely worth seeing what you need to do.

With Rune Factory 5 set to land on Nintendo Switch very soon, we've got plenty of other useful guides for the latest JRPG in the franchise. Check out our Rune Factory 5 bachelors tier list to see the men you can couple up with.

Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes tier list - Who is the best girl?

Character name
Beatrice, Priscilla

It's worth mentioning again that the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list above is based on nothing but pure opinion. It's a light-hearted attempt to poke fun at Fuuka, who'll absolutely wreck anyone in a one-on-one punch-up all things considered. Lucy is alright, though.

Who are the Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes?

Beatrice ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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The first potential candidate is Beatrice, a new arrival to Rigbarth after you clear your first Ruins dungeon, and she harbours quite a big secret. We won't spoil it here, but you'll end up completing quite a few quests on Beatrice's behalf, making it easy to build up a bond with her. She's a reasonably strong fighter too, but the main draw to Beatrice is the secret twist that you'll uncover throughout the story.

Fuuka ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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Next is Fuuka, a were-person inhabitant of Rigbarth who is a mix of human and wolf. English isn't her main language, but throughout the story the protagonist gradually helps her communicate with the townsfolk, building quite a close link in the process. She's a rather brash character, but is incredibly honest and innocent as she comes to grips with the different world she lives in.

Lucy ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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Lucy is almost the polar opposite of her friend Priscilla and has a few standout moments with the protagonist in the early stages of Rune Factory 5. You'll join her on a hunt for her younger brother Julian, as he sneaks off with Hina to cause trouble. After that, you can catch her quite frequently around town or at S.E.E.D. headquarters, and though she's not always the most immediately accommodating villager, you can build up a close bond quickly.

Ludmilla ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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Ludmilla is a woman - succubus, to be more precise - whose entire personality revolves around love. She's far and away the most romantically inclined character in Rigbarth, determined to find a romantic partner at all costs. She's easygoing and always willing to talk to the protagonist. She also likes plenty of items including flowers and rare crystals.

Priscilla ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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Priscilla, born and raised in Rigbarth and incredibly loyal to the town, is one of the first people you'll meet in Rune Factory 5. She's grateful for most food gifts, so if you've got a cooking table and plenty of recipes at your disposal, you'll be able to build your relationship with her very easily. Her cumbersome staff makes her quite difficult to use in battle.

Scarlett ranks well on the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list.
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The final bachelorette is Scarlett: the other S.E.E.D. agent on duty in Rigbarth. She can accompany you on missions even before you get to know her, making it quite easy for you to build up a close bond.

She's not always the most welcoming person, and can be a little cold if you catch her at the wrong time, but if you plan on using NPC help during expeditions, she's an excellent choice.

How do I romance and marry Rune Factory 5 bachelorettes?

Growing closer with a marriage candidate in Rune Factory 5 is a mostly two-pronged approach, as you first have to build up a close enough relationship with the bachelorette of your choice, and then actually ask them. Below is a list of activities that are especially useful for building up romantic links:

  • Speak to the character at least once a day
  • Give them compliments
  • Give them items as gifts that they like or are neutral to
  • Complete tasks they've requested
  • Attend festivals and talk to them there
  • Go on a date
  • Use a love potion

Once you do this enough, it should increase the amount of love hearts next to their name on the relationships menu.

Once you're happy with how high that is (we recommend it being at least six or seven) you can talk to them using the alternate dialogue to profess your love You can do that by pressing either L or R while speaking to them. If you've done everything right, they may even say it back, sending you both down a long, loving road.

And that's about all there is to note about the Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes tier list right now. There's every chance new characters could make their way in through post-game updates, but for now, check out similar romance games with our Mystic Messenger emails guide and the Stardew Valley gift guide. That's a western take on Rune Factory.

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