Treasure Quest Codes - Free Gold and More

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Screenshot from Treasure Quest, showing a hooded wizard battling a monster
January 25, 2022: We checked for new Treasure Quest codes, and added a new code.

If it’s Treasure Quest codes you’re after, then you’re in the right place. Our handy codes list will break down all the codes for the Roblox sensation, giving you a much-needed dose of freebies. They’re useful for new players or seasoned veterans alike, with plenty of XP boosts and stat upgrades to improve your performance.


Developed by Nosniy Games, Treasure Quest casts you as a treasure hunter in a fantasy world littered with monsters, dungeons, and other players vying for the same loot. It’ll be up to you to upgrade your gear, bolster your special abilities, and blast past opposition. Like any good fantasy game, there’s a wealth of ominous boss battles to undertake, fighting off ghouls, sea creatures, and otherworldly giants. Having to manage all of that is no easy feat - so our codes will ease the pressure somewhat.

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All Working Treasure Quest Codes

  • verycoolcode - Gold Potion (NEW)
  • tysm400mvisits - Luck Potion
  • WINTER2021HYPE - Speed Potion

The following codes have sadly expired and no longer work. They were last tested and confirmed as expired on January 25, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHOLIDAYS!!! - The Best Gift Ever 2 cosmetic
  • verycoolcode - Gold Potion
  • WELCOMEBACK1 - Hard Hat cosmetic
  • WELCOMEBACK2 - XP Potion
  • SURPRISEEE - Luck Potion
  • ANOTHAONE - Speed Potion
  • PROLOBBY - XP Potion
  • GHOULPLASM - 10 Backpack Slots
  • SPOOKYSZN - Gold Potion
  • SHOPUPDATE - Speed Potion
  • SUMMERTIME2021 - XP Potion
  • REWRITE1 - 10 Backpack Slots
  • thanksfor250m_1 - 250 MILLION cosmetic effect
  • thanksfor250m_2 - Luck Potion
  • CHRISTMASMIRACLE2020 - limited-time cosmetic item
  • HYPERFROST - Luck Potion
  • LIVEOPS - XP Potion
  • candyquest - Gold Potion
  • levelup - Free Level
  • officialrelease
  • FREEUPGRADE - Upgrade Scroll (Lvl 100+ only)
  • EMBLEMS - XP Potion
  • RIPBRIGHTBEACH - Luck Potion
  • VACATION - Unique Potion
  • TQ2YEARS - Two & Through
  • 300MILLIONVISITS - 10 Backpack Slots
  • SUPERSUNNY - Gold Potion
  • REWRITE2 - XP Potion
  • REWRITE3 - Luck Potion
  • KNIGHTMARE - XP Potion

What Are Treasure Quest Codes?

Our Treasure Quest codes are free redeemables to use in the game. If they’re valid and you input them correctly, they’ll grant you any number of in-game rewards, ranging from backpack slots to Potions that alter your stats, making your Treasure Quest character even more powerful.

First and foremost, the Treasure Quest codes are very useful for getting your hands on Potions. These are consumable items that provide a boost to your character’s base stats. This ranges from how much XP you earn to the amount of damage your attacks can do. Sadly, the boosts from Potions are temporary and do not stack, so it isn’t a good idea to use two of the same Potion at once. They last an hour each, meaning you’ll get plenty of hours’ worth of boosts from the codes. Our codes give you buffs to XP, Luck, Speed, and Gold, meaning you’ll see an instant improvement in your character’s performance once you redeem them.

Equally, some of the codes will also grant you additional Backpack Slots. These let you hold more items in your inventory during battle. As you can imagine, this becomes increasingly important as you progress through Treasure Quest, as enemies get tougher and the need for rare resources grows.

Screenshot of the code redeem screen from Treasure Quest

How Do I Use Treasure Quest Codes?

Redeeming your Treasure Quest codes is a surprisingly complex process. Unlike most Roblox games, you have to verify your account via Twitter before you’re able to claim your freebies. This involves following the game’s developers on Twitter, then cross-checking this on the game before you can use them

  • First, head onto Treasure Quest, either via the Roblox official page or the app.
  • Hit the Twitter bird icon in the bottom-right corner, where you’ll see a text box encouraging you to input your Twitter username.
  • Before you do this, make sure you’re following the two accounts listed in the area above this input box.
    • It can take a little while between following the accounts and the game recognising this - roughly an hour.
  • Once you’ve given it time to load, go back onto the Twitter bird icon and type your code into the redemption box.
  • If the code is valid and your account is verified, you’ll receive your freebies! If not, make sure it isn’t still asking for your Twitter profile, then try again.

How Do I Get More Treasure Quest Codes?

The good news is that there are plenty of Treasure Quest codes still released very frequently. We recommend keeping an eye on the official Treasure Quest social media channels, namely the Twitter page and the Discord server. The Twitter account posts new codes when updates occur, and the Discord’s codes channel provides a dedicated list of the latest freebies.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on this codes list. We’ll be updating it weekly, giving you the latest Treasure Quest codes as soon as they arrive.

What Is The Latest Treasure Quest Update?

The latest Treasure Quest update dropped earlier in October. Here's what it added:

  • A new spooky-themed boss battle, called the Ghoulplasm
  • A new currency, called Treats, that you earn through completing quests and crawling dungeons
  • Fall 2021 limited-time shop
  • Spooky-themed lobby
  • Pumpkin Hunt mini-game within the lobby
  • New Prize Wheel items
  • 2 Limited Quest Ultimates
  • 6 Limited Crafting Recipes
  • 2 Mythical Packs
  • New Cosmetic Chest in the shop
  • New quick trading functionality
  • Pro Lobbies, up to level 100

There you have it - everything you'll ever need from Treasure Quest! Keep your eyes peeled for even more goodies to drop in the future.