Pet Simulator X Scary Cat - how to get, value, and uses

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Looking to pick up the Pet Simulator X Scary Cat in Roblox? In Pet Simulator X, one of the big things is getting new pets and taking care of them. Getting event exclusive pets are also really great as they can have quite a bit of value

The Halloween event brings in two new pets, Scary cat and Scary Corgi. With these two new pets comes new eggs, and other things to do in game.


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Table of Contents

How to get Pet Simulator X Scary Cat

In order to get Scary Cat, and Scary Corgi for that matter, you have to get one of the Halloween event eggs. These can be obtained a couple different ways. First, the easiest one you can get is just for staying in game for one hour. The other way to get these eggs are by buying them for 1200 Robux, which gets you 10 Halloween gifts.

What is the hatch rate for Pet Simulator X Scary Cat?

We have the hatch rates for both Scary Cat and Scary Corgi. There is also a much rarer version of both of these, the Huge version. The Huge version comes with the "Best Friend" enchantment on it, which makes it as strong as your strongest pet. Here are the hatch rates for these pets.

  • Scary Cat: 49% Hatch Rate
  • Huge Scary Cat: 1% Hatch Rate
  • Scary Corgi: 49% Hatch Rate
  • Huge Scary Corgi: 1% Hatch Rate

What is the value of Pet Simulator X Scary Cat?

Each of the pets in Pet Simulator X has a value. As we mentioned earlier, the event exclusive pets often have a huge value to go with them. Here's the values of the pets we listed above.

  • Scary Cat: ~3,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Huge Scary Cat: ~1,700,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Scary Corgi: ~3,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Huge Scary Corgi: ~1,700,000,000,000 Diamonds

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