My Restaurant codes (October 2023)

A wide view of the lobby in My Restaurant.

A wide view of the lobby in My Restaurant.
October 10, 2023 - We've updated our list of My Restaurant codes.

One of the biggest games on Roblox right now is a simple restaurant management sim. But no in-game experience is complete without codes, and My Restaurant codes are no different. But you'll struggle to find them no matter where you look. Why? We'll tell you.

Sadly, My Restaurant codes aren't going to help you out with this one, but we'll have some pointers down below that just might.

My Restaurant codes (October 2023)

  • There are no codes for My Restaurant just yet.

Expired codes

  • No codes for My Restaurant have expired.

How do I use codes?

You can't use any codes you come across for My Restaurant just yet. They're sadly not real. My Restaurant doesn't have a code function built into the game yet, meaning no codes will be created or published until the developers decide to change this.

So if you've found what someone says is a code for My Restaurant on Roblox, just ignore it. You're not missing out on anything.

If codes for the game are ever added, expect to find the redeem box behind a Twitter bird icon button or in the Settings menu somewhere.

When will codes for My Restaurant drop?

We can't say for sure when (or if) My Restaurant codes will ever exist. Most Roblox games have a very valid reason for not including them.

On the rare chance that the developers change their minds, as was the case with PLS DONATE codes recently, it could take more than a year for this to happen. There's no way to know until the developer spills the beans.

Given the game is developed by the same team behind Pet Simulator X, which only has codes behind merch purchases, expect this game to follow the same path. If My Restaurant toys are ever released, they'll likely come with a code.

My Restaurant launched a number of years ago. You can tell by comparing the UI style between BIG Games titles. As such, we're not expecting codes to be added to this one for quite some time. The My Restaurant Aliens update has seen it spike in popularity, though, so it could be due an overhaul to keep the ball rolling.

My Restaurant FAQ

Is My Restaurant made by Preston?

In a sense, yes. Though Preston as a person is a vague construct, My Restaurant was developed by BIG Games, his own development group. In fact, not only is the name of your first potential hire in the game Preston, but the tutorial NPC is his own, too.

When did My Restaurant release?

My Restaurant released on Roblox in 2019.

Is My Restaurant linked to Pet Simulator X?

Sort of. In March 2023, an update made it so that anyone who serves 100,000 customers in My Restaurant would get a free Huge Chef Cat pet in Pet Simulator X. The event boosted the old game's popularity.

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