How to get Cartoon Coins fast in Pet Simulator X

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With the launch of Doodle World, the Pet Simulator X Cartoon Coins have become the most sought-after currency in the Roblox game behind the Diamonds you can use to just buy the new pets from hard-working players. But they're needed to get to newer areas, so we're outlining how to get Cartoon Coins fast down below. If you're struggling with Doodle World and Kawaii World, you'll want to keep reading.

There are a number of different ways you can increase your Cartoon Coins yield in Pet Simulator X. Some involve playing more, and some actually let you play less, getting passive income and taking the stress out of the whole ordeal. Of course, the ideal solution depends on your schedule and priorities. Let's jump in.

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How to get Cartoon Coins fast in Pet Simulator X

Whether you're struggling to clear Doodle World and Kawaii World, just want to crack open some new eggs, or want to stockpile Cartoon Coins for the Dojo update, you can use these tips and tricks to get more coins added to your account.

Use the daycare

Once you've unlocked a new type of coin in Pet Simulator X, you can farm them quickly from the Daycare feature. The better pets you put in, the more coins you'll get out.

But if you want to continue farming coins while you wait for the Daycare process to finish, put in your second-best pets. Ones from the St. Patricks event work brilliantly, as they'll save you from needing to spend Cartoon Coins on backup pets for the Daycare. You can put in ten pets at a time, and the whole process finishes in six hours. This is sped up by 3x if you're online.

And because you can potentially hundreds of millions of coins this way each time, it makes sense to stay logged in to reduce this burst to every two hours, farming coins with your pets in Doodle/Kawaii World while you wait, and then putting your best pets in while you sleep for even more rewards in the morning.

A 5x Cartoon Coins boost on a Coin Pile in Pet Simulator X.
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Watch out for bonus objects

Breakable objects like safes, chests, and coin piles can occassionally have 3x, 5x, 10x 25x, and even 100x boosts applied to them. They'll all animate with a fountain of coins that grows the higher they're boosted, so you should be able to see them from a good distance.

Scan the area (a hoverboard makes this easier) and chance servers by logging out and in again if there aren't any high multipliers around. Why spend 10 minutes breaking a box for the usual coin amount if you can spend the same time and potentially get a 100x boost?

Keep your boosts active

You may think that only the Triple Coins boost will help you get Cartoon Coins fast, but this isn't the case. Triple damage, Super Luck, and Ultra Luck will all increase your Cartoon Coin yield in different ways. They'll speed up breaks and increase the chances of loot bag pops and bonuses. Keep them all active (and stack them with server boosts, too.)

Redeem rank rewards

If you're at Doodle or Kawaii World, you should have a high enough player rank to get around 350k Diamonds from the rank rewards board every six hours or so. This stretches to Cartoon Coins, too. Check-in regularly for another easy boost.

A Cartoon Coins II encahnt on a pet in Pet Simulator X.
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Roll for Cartoon Coin enchants

If you're really serious about farming Cartoon Coins at high speeds, it's time to break open the Diamond wallet.

Take all your pets to the Enchant machine and set auto-reroll on for the Cartoon Coins enchant. Each level of the skill increases the Cartoon Coins your pets will pull out of breakable objects, but the higher the rank, the rarer the enchantment.

Find some middle ground (Cartoon Coins II/III) and reroll until your whole team is boosting you through the gates.

Increase your Mastery

You can use easy, dense areas like Samurai Island to quickly increase Mastery levels and unlock their boosts. Train things like Coin Piles and Lootbags to increase the Cartoon Coins you'll get from other breakables.

Pet Simulator X Cartoon Coins FAQ

What are Cartoon Coins for?


Cartoon Coins are used to open eggs in Doodle World and Kawaii World. They're also needed to progress through the coin gates of these areas, too.

When do I unlock Cartoon Coins?

You'll unlock Cartoon Coins once you unlock Doodle World in The Void.

And that should be everything you need to know about getting Cartoon Coins fast in Pet Simulator X. Things tend to get easier with each patch, so expect a few more methods in the near future.

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