How to open the locked door in the Pet Simulator X town area

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The first locked door in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X on Roblox is filled to the brim with little surprises. Beyond cracking open eggs, you'll want to learn how to open the locked door in the Town area, too. It's just one of a bunch of secret passageways littered through the various worlds, and it's hiding some cool rewards.

The road to opening the locked Town door in PSX is no easy feat. We'll tell you that for free. We'll tell you the rest, too, don't worry: it's just a figure of speech. We're just saying there's no shortcut if you just happened to spot it on your first play session.

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Where is the locked door in Town?

You'll find the locked door in the Town area of Pet Simulator X really easily. Just follow the row of houses along the right side of the map and you should spot it.

Finding and opening the first locked door in Pet Simulator X.
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How do I open the Town locked door in PSX?

Unlocking the locked door in the Town area of Pet Simulator X isn't as easy as simply interacting with it. You will never be able to buy your way through with coins. Interacting with the door just tells you that it's locked, with no clue as to how to bust it open.

To open the pesky door, you actually need to be in Hardcore Mode - which is a whole new unlock altogether. Use the teleport menu to go in there when it's unlocked, and you'll be able to open the door by interacting with it. Head back to normal mode and the door will remain unlocked for you.

The Purple Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X.
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What's behind the locked Town door in Pet Simulator X?

By unlocking the door and walking through it, you'll immediately clear a quest that grants you ten additional pet storage slots.

But that's not the only reward for this feat. Interact with the hoverboard propped up against the wall to your right to unlock the Purple Hoverboard. You'll be able to use this without even buying the Hoverboard access with Robux. It won't be as fast as that one, but at least you'll have saved yourself a couple of bucks.


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