How to increase shiny chances in Pet Simulator X and hatch shiny pets

A shiny egg in Pet Simulator X.

A shiny egg in Pet Simulator X.

Shiny pets in Pet Simulator X have dramatically increased strength levels. And that's just one reason to want them. Any pet can be a shiny with enough luck, but you'll want to know how to increase shiny chances in Pet Simulator X in Roblox before you go wasting coins on low odds. Why settle for striking it lucky with a Rainbow Cupcake Unicorn when you could hatch a Shiny Rainbow Cupcake Unicorn?

There are a couple of different ways you can maximise your chances of getting shiny pets in Pet Simulator X. And some of them won't cost you anything more than your time. Chances are, you'll be able to boost your odds in minutes if you've been playing for a while. There's a secret hidden in one of the newer features you'll be able to unlock straight away if so.

For more PSX guides, you can't go wrong with our Pet Simulator X value list. It's there to make sure you get a fair trade for your best pets. And if you want to learn more secrets, here's how to open the town door in Pet Simulator X. That can save you a few hundred Robux, too.

How to increase shiny odds in Pet Simulator X

There are three main ways to increase shiny odds in Pet Simulator X. One costs Robox, one is free but requires you to get quite far through the game, and another is just a mindless grind. All three methods stack, though, so you'll always have the best odds by unlocking all three methods. Here's how it works.

Buy the Shiny Hunter Gamepass

Available for 1299 Robux, this purchasable Gamepass found in the Exclusive shop gives you a "Significantly higher chance to hatch Shiny pets." It's not cheap, and the odds aren't clear enough for it to sound like a good idea.

PSX is usually pretty serious when it comes to Robux purchases, so it's likely you'll see a visible increase in the number of Shiny pets you hatch with this unlocked. Get it if you can, but don't worry if you can't. You have options.

The secret door in Pet Simulator X's Fantasy World area.
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Open the door in Fantasy World

Here's the freebie. Sort of. If you've reached the Portals area of Fantasy World in Hardcore Mode, you can actually open a secret door to the left of the portals to score a free shiny egg chance increase.

You'll have to pledge 250m Diamonds to the glowing shrine in there to do it, but the bonus will apply to your account forever.

Unlock the Fusing Mastery bonus

For each of the three Fusing Mastery perks you unlock, you'll increase your odds of getting a Shiny pet using the machine by a decent margin.

Starting at zero percent chance when you fuse your first, you'll rise to a 0.2 percent chance at level 30, a 0.5 percent chance at level 50, and a one percent chance at level 99.

If you're grinding eggs, just toss any extras into the machine to raise your mastery level. You'll get there. And you may even get a shiny pet out along the way.

PSX Shiny pets FAQ

How do I get shiny pets?

You can get shiny pets by hatching eggs or, with a high enough mastery, by fusing pets as well. You can also buy them from other players or even sometimes from the Mystery Merchant.

Can any pet be shiny?

More or less, yes. If it can be hatched or created by the Fuse machine, it can be a shiny.

Is shiny after Rainbow or Dark Matter?

Neither! Shiny is its own thing. If you hatch a shiny pet, you can turn it into a Dark Matter pet while retaining its Shiny status. This really adds up with the power multiplier the two states apply.

Will I get a shiny pet if I put one in the Fuse machine?

Sadly not. If you put a shiny pet into the fuse machine, you won't get one back unless you have one of the mastery levels unlocked. And even then it's a very slim chance.

And that's all there is to it. There are two ways to increase shiny odds in PSX without spending a dime, but the other will set you back some birthday money. And because shiny pets are stronger than others and stack with rarity, they're the most powerful type of pet out there before Huge pets enter the equation. Good luck.

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