Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant - Pets, prices, and spawn location

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Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant
October 25, 2023: Here is everything you need to know about the Mystery Merchant in Pet Simulator X.

Though you spent much of your early time in Pet Simulator X instructing your fuzzy buddies to smash up crates, coin piles, lockers, chests, and safes while you scurry around grabbing their contents, it's far from the only way to afford new pets. The Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant is one way to avoid the gacha element of this popular Roblox game, and we're going to take the mystery out of their name by divulging everything you need to know about them.

Down below, you're going to learn the Mystery Merchant spawn location, what time the Mystery Merchant arrives at that place, and the pets you can expect to buy off them if you have enough precious Diamonds. It's a sure-fire way to increase your collection and speed up your currency grind, making the time it takes to track them down largely worth the effort.

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Where Does the Mystery Merchant Spawn in Pet Simulator X?

Unlike the Traveling Merchant, the Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant spawn location can see it show up outside of the Trading Plaza back at the Spawn World area.

The Mystery Merchant spawn location is still in Spawn World, but you'll have to travel down to the Cave biome to find this particularly sneaky seller. Either hop on your hoverboard or unlock the option in the teleport menu to rush there before anyone else.

What time does the Mystery Merchant spawn in Pet Simulator X?

Timezone Time
CST (America)12am/pm
GMT (United Kingdom)6am/pm
GMT+8 (Philippines)1am/pm

The spawn time for the Mystery Merchant in Pet Simulator X is every 12 hours, but the exact time depends entirely on your timezone.

For America, it's 12am/pm CST, with areas like the United Kingdom, which operates on the GMT timezone, seeing the Mystery Merchant spawn at 6am/pm.

By clicking this link, you'll be able to see what time the Mystery Merchant spawns in your local time. As another example, clicking it from the Philippines will show what time the Mysterious Merchant spawns there. To answer that question quickly, the Pet Simulator X Mysterios Merchant spawns a 1am/pm in the Philippines.

The Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant pet list changes with each new patch.
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What does the Mystery Merchant less in Pet Simulator X? - PSX Mystery Merchant pet list

Pet Normal Gold Rainbow
Pixel Pink SlimeN/A2.06mN/A
Pixel Wolf1.9m11.13mN/A
Hellish AxolotlN/A2.15mN/A
Pixel Demon3.13m9.38m24.08m

Whenever they spawn, the Mystery Merchant in Pet Simulator X will bring with them a selection of pets from the list above. They typically change with each major update, switching out to include newer pets, but they always include only pets of Epic and higher rarities. These can be bought using Diamonds only, with the asking price largely an average approximation each time.

It's worth noting that while the Mystery Merchant has a smaller selection of pets than the Traveling Merchant, they match those currently offered by the more common seller.

To make up for the 12 hour spawn time versus the alternative's hourly cycle, the Mystery Merchant sells the Traveling Merchant's pets at 35 percent of their competitor's costs. If you can reliably find the Mystery Merchant, it's generally worth holding out if you're looking to buy.

And that should be just about everything you need to know about the Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant. Though it's hard to track down if it spawns in the mid-afternoon/early morning for you, getting a pet this way can typically take the grind out of farming for them through eggs - you just need the Diamonds to make it happen, which can be gotten easily enough in a good trade.

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