How to unlock the Dojo door in Pet Simulator X

The Dojo door chained shut in Pet Simulator X.

The Dojo door chained shut in Pet Simulator X.

March 25, 2023, sees the first post-release update to the Roblox Pet Simulator X Kawaii world added the week prior. And if you want to start bashing your pets aganist a new chest, you'll need to know how to unlock the Dojo door in Pet Simulator X. It wasn't accessible at all in the original Kawaii patch debut, but it is now.

Just in time for the last update of the month, we'll be detailing everything you'll need to know about the latest in-game areas below. And with the Tokyo Alleys being teased as well, we could be seeing a bumper update this time around, so expect a few questions to be answered below in time.

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How do you open the Dojo in Kawaii World in Pet Simulator X?

Until the update drops and we've had some time to tinker around, we won't know how to unlock the Dojo in Pet Simulator X. The reveal tweet shows a new stairway leading to the dojo that's already visible in the Kawaii World debut patch. But the door at the top is chained shut.

If we take the time to speculate, we can imagine the Dojo door needing a certain amount of Mastery completion to unlock. That would make it work the same way as the Hardcore mode unlock.

There's no mention of how many Cartoon Coins you might need, which is usually indicated on large unlock walls in each zone. Instead, the chains call back to the locked door on the right side of the Spawn World. This one even required Hardcore to be unlocked, so there's the chance the new Dojo is exclusive to Hardcore mode as well.

Where is the Dojo in Pet Simulator X?

You'll find the Dojo at the very end of the Kawaii Temple area. Prior to the update, the stairs weren't there, meaning you couldn't walk up to the Dojo entrance to enter. As of March 25, 2023, however, stairs have been present, letting you climb to the door.

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