How To Make Golden Pets In Pet Simulator X

Are you looking to add some glam to your team of critters? Then look no further. Here is how to make Golden Pets in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game that focuses on collecting and bettering your own team of pets. There are a few tiers of pet kinds, all of which can be bought or created in the game. For instance, Golden Pets will give you a much stronger team, with better stats and most importantly, a richer aesthetic than boring old normal pets. We’ll go through how you can get them, and the different chances involved with their creation.

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What Are Golden Pets In Pet Simulator X?

In Pet Simulator X, pets can have different ‘levels’, there’s the normal kind, then Golden, and Rainbow. Above all those is Dark Matter. These pets have higher stats, and are rarer than usual. Their stats are around triple the normal pets. Almost every egg-type has a golden option, aside from some event eggs.

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How To Get Golden Eggs In Pet Simulator X

There are two ways to get Golden Pets in Pet Simulator X. You can purchase Golden Eggs, or use the Golden Machine. Let’s start with the eggs.

Eggs are available to buy in Pet Simulator X for varying amounts, depending on the type and rarity of the egg. Generally, Golden Eggs cost nine times what normal eggs do. They are guaranteed to contain a Golden pet, though. Each ‘set’ of eggs has two gold options. This is a sure-fire way to get Golden Pets, but it can be very pricey.

The other method of finding glistening golden animals is to use the Golden Machine, conveniently located next to the egg machine, right by the Bank. To use it, you’ll need between one and six pets and some Diamonds.

The more pets you put in at once, the higher the chances of getting a Golden version - this will cost more, but the cost of using this machine works out as less than buying Golden Eggs. Be aware that if the machine does fail, you don’t get the pets back. You also can’t put exclusive pets into the Golden Machine.

How Much Does The Golden Machine Cost?

Using the machine has an increasing cost the more pets you put in at once, but the cost is worth it for the higher success. One pet costs 250 Diamonds, but only has a 13% chance of a Golden Pet. The cost goes up by 200 Diamonds or each extra pet, until you add six pets for a cost of 1,250 Diamonds. But that hefty cost gives a 100% chance of a Golden pet.

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