How to make rainbow pets In Pet Simulator X

The Rainbow Pet machine in Pet Simulator X.

Bored of normal pets? Need something with a little more kick than the Golden pets? Then look no further than our guide on how to make Rainbow Pets in Pet Simulator X to really get your team looking fresh.

The Roblox game Pet Simulator X is known for its delightful collection of creatures, and the different levels of power they can provide. The bright and shiny Rainbow animals provide better abilities and higher stats than the glistening Gold ones, but this does come with a cost. Read on to find out how to get them in your team.

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How do I make rainbow pets In Pet Simulator X?

To get a team of Rainbow Pets, there are a few different ways. Trading is one easy way, but making your own with the Rainbow machine is the best approach.

Hatching Rainbow Pets from eggs has a very low chance - sitting at 0.5%. This isn’t great, but you can purchase the Lucky Rainbow Pets Gamepass, which will increase the odds to 2.5%.

If that sounds too slim of a chance, you can use the Rainbow Machine. This can be found in the Mine biome, so teleport on over and get started. You’ll require up to six Golden pets to use the machine. We’ll break down the costs in a little bit.

Once you’re at the machine, put in however many pets you’d like to spend, and hit the button. Depending on the number of pets, there is a different chance of getting a Rainbow Pet. Be aware that if the process fails, then any pets put into the machine won’t be returned to you.

The method of how to get Rainbow pets in Pet Simulator X is easier than it sounds.
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What are rainbow pets in Pet Simulator X?

The creatures you collect in Pet Simulator come in a few different varieties, mostly based around their stats. Some of the most coveted pets are Rainbows - such as the Rainbow Samurai Dragon, and Rainbow Domourtuus.

It’s easy to see why these pets are worth the cost. The Golden Pets have roughly three times the stats of normal pets, but Rainbow pets are stronger still - and you can easily turn just about any Golden pet into a Rainbow pet with enough luck (or duplicates) and gems.

How much do rainbow pets cost in Pet Simulator X?

Simply put, the more pets you put in, the more it costs. But more pets mean a higher chance of getting a Rainbow pet from the Rainbow Machine.

If you use one pet, it costs 400 Diamonds, but has a 13% chance. This cost goes up by around 300 Diamonds for each pet added, up to six pets costing 2,250 Diamonds - with a 100% success rate.

And that should be all you need to know about getting Rainbow Pets in Pet Simulator X. To learn about the bigger pets you can't turn rainbow, check out how to get the Huge Cupcake. There's still time to get the Huge Easter Cat as well.

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