How to get the Pet Simulator X Huge Balloon Cat

The Huge Balloon Cat and other pets from Pet Simulator X.

The Huge Balloon Cat and other pets from Pet Simulator X.
November 9, 2022: The Blue Huge Balloon Cat is available in the shop for the next three days.

The Pet Simulator X Huge Balloon Cat is the latest big pet to arrive in-game. Added through the November 5 update, it's sure to be a rare and sought-after pet just like the Huge Cupcake. Until the next comes along, you'll want to get this for trades and bragging rights. Here's how it's done.

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How to get the Huge Balloon Cat in Pet Simulator X

Right now, the Huge Balloon Cat is one of the rarest and most expensive pets in Pet Simulator X. That's usually the case with any Huge pet when it releases: they're expensive to acquire (unless you're very lucky) and typically require a player to reach the latest and greatest zone - which is never easy.

To get the Huge Balloon Cat in Pet Simulator X, you need to hatch it from the top-tier Cat Egg added in the Cat World update. The rates will be astoundingly low, but with enough Luck Boosts and coins, you might just manage it.

Cat World comes with three different eggs and their usual golden varients. To have the chance of hatching the Huge Balloon Cat, you need to open the far-left set of eggs. These cost 500m Rainbow Coins for the standard, and 4.78b Rainbow Coins for the golden eggs respectively.

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