How to Get the Huge Easter Cat in Pet Simulator X

After the rush for the Huge Cupcake pet, knowing how to get the Huge Easter Cat in Pet Simulator X is the topic on everyone's minds right now. The limited-time buddy has arrived to take to usurp the throne of the Huge Cupcake as the exclusive pet everybody wants. Introduced via the substantial and surprising Pet Simulator X Easter update, here's how to get the Huge Easter Cat, and a few tips on how to increase your odds.

The cute and colossal cat is a very rare spawn from Legendary Eggs and comes with many new friends for the Easter holiday; like the Starfall Dragon, Marshmellow Chick, and Easter Lamb. The 17 new pets are only available for the Easter event, and given you can't just buy them with your mountain of coins, you need to think on your feet.

Before all that, though, why not open a bunch of game guides in a few more tabs? The Pet Simulator X Merchant is worth keeping track of. And if you haven't already, check out the other Easter pets you can find with our Pet Simulator X pets list.

How Do I Get the Huge Easter Cat?

The Huge Easter Cat pets are only found in Legendary Eggs. When these spawn on the map, a server-wide message is broadcast to tell players there is an egg and the location, ensuring you don’t miss out on your chance to get the pet

The Legendary Easter Eggs are the giant, yellow, stripy eggs - one of four types of egg in the event. The most common world that these epic eggs spawn in is Fantasy World, as it has the highest spawn chances.

To increase your chances of rushing to the Legendary egg before anyone else, having every teleport unlocks can help. Even better, having a hoverboard will allow you to search up and down the zone quickly.

The Huge Easter Car in Pet Simulator X's Easter Update
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What Is The Huge Easter Cat?

The Huge Easter Cat is, as the name suggests, a huge version of the Easter Cat. It is like the already existing Huge Cat, but this time accessorizing with bunny ears to match the season. Its rarity is Exclusive.

The Huge Easter Cat’s stats are all listed as ‘???’, as is the case with all Huge Pets. The Huge Easter Cat comes with a random enchantment and will have the strength to match the best pet that you have, too.

The Huge Easter Cat cannot be made into a gold pet. This is true for all exclusives. It can be hatched as a gold or a rainbow, though, by using the Magic Egg Gamepass or a max-level Eggs Mastery.

What Is The Spawn Rate Of Huge Easter Cats?

Like most Legendary and rare pets in Pet Simulator X, there is only a slim chance of hatching the Huge Easter Cat. Allegedly, it has around a ~0.002% chance of hatching from a Legendary Egg. This translates to about a 1/50,000 chance. Good luck. Egg mastery and luck boosts will help, but not by much.

When Does The Easter Event End?

So far there is no official word from the developer on when the Easter event will end, but it is confirmed as a limited-time event. As soon as word is out about when the Easter festivities are ending, we will update you right here.

The Easter pets are only available during this time, so we suggest trying to get them as soon as possible to avoid trying to trade them later on.

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