Pet Simulator X Easter Update - How to Get Easter Pets

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In a surprise Sunday twist, an unexpected Pet Simulator X Easter update went live, bringing with it loads of new Easter pets for the already overflowing pet taming clicker game. But the new Pet Simulator X easter update doesn't work like a standard update, causing some confusion. Here's how to get all the Easter pets before they go away when the Pet Simulator X Easter update finally concludes.

Down below, we're going to briefly go over how you can get your hands on the limited-time Easter pets in Pet Simulator X, how to maximise your chances of finding them, and why you'll want to grab as many as you can.

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How Do I Get Easter Pets in Pet Simulator X?

Unlike with just about any other pet in the game, you don't get Pet Simulator X Easter pets but hatching eggs you buy with coins, gems, or tokens in the hub worlds.

Instead, when it comes to getting the new Easter pets, it's all about the hunt. Like any good Easter activity, the Pet Simulator X Easter eggs are scattered throughout the game. If you're in a place where checks, safes, lockers, boxes, and coin piles spawn, there's a chance you'll come across an Easter egg. The eggs spawn in all biomes, including the VIP and Trading areas, and more than one of the same egg can pop up (not including Legendaries).

There are four different types of Easter eggs available, ranging from basic eggs to the Legendary Easter Egg - which even has a chance to drop a Huge Easter Cat. When a Legendary egg spawns, a message will broadcast to all players as to the whereabouts of it. They're kind of a big deal as they have the chance to spawn Huge pets.

Once you find an Easter egg, bash it open with your pets to get one of many possible Pet Simulator X Easter pets before the event ends. Note that to get your hands on the Easter pets, you must have room in your inventory, otherwise you won't have space to get them. Double-check spaces before hatching an egg as there is no warning as to inventory space.

The Pet Simulator X Easter event includes 17 new Easter pets.
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Tips for Getting Easter Pets in Pet Simulator X

Struggling to find the Easter eggs in Pet Simulator X? It may sound silly, but here's one way to increase your chances.

Head to the middle point of the new player zone to dramatically increase your chances of finding Easter eggs in Pet Simulator X. Most players spend their time in the high-level zones introduced in recent updates, leaving older zones more or less empty. Also, if more than one player cracks an egg, don't worry - you'll both hatch the pet.

Within minutes of the event going live, we were able to hatch both the Green Marshmallow Chick and another pet with over one billion power straight away on a new account. That meant a fresh account went from three 1k power pets to an account with two 1b power pets. Easy.

How Many Easter Pets Are There in Pet Simulator X?

Though we don't have a complete list of the Easter pets just yet, the Pet Simulator X patch notes confirmed that 17 Easter pets arrived alongside it. That's a lot of pets to come out of the blue.

When Does the Pet Simulator X Easter Event End?

Right now, no end date has been announced for the Pet Simulator X Easter event. What we do know, though, is that the Easter pets will become unobtainable once it ends. Once the event is done, there will be no more Easter eggs or pets spawning. If you're hoping to have a complete collection (or just hope to see them skyrocket in price later on), be sure to grab as many as you can before it ends.

And that's all there is to say about the Pet Simulator X Easter event right now. There's every chance more content could be added before it ends, but for now, check out our Pet Simulator X codes list to make the most of the limited-time goodies.

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