How to fix stuck items and staff in My Restaurant on Roblox

A furniture item and staff member stuck in My Restaurant.

A furniture item and staff member stuck in My Restaurant.

Trying to build that perfect 10-storey restaurant? Beyond financial concerns, you may run into staff and items that refuse to adapt to your changing plans. Here's how to fix stuck staff and items in My Restaurant on Roblox. Read on to take back control of your culinary kingdom. You can't fire your staff, so you'll have to get creative if they're off sneaking an extra-long break on the third floor.

How to fix stuck staff and items in My Restaurant

On the odd occasion, generally when you're trying to reconfigure your restaurant to fit some new furniture, you may run until issues with items (or even staff) becoming stuck in place. No amount of spamming the 'remove item' button will fix it. But there is a way.

To remove stuck items and furniture in My Restaurant, the easiest solution is to restart the game. You'll lose all the customers in your store, but don't worry; they'll soon build back up again if you boot the game up fast. Just make sure you've properly hit the 'Remove Item' button on that particular one - just to be certain.

Then, close the game, reopen it, and the item should be gone. You'll find it in your inventory, suggesting the issue was merely an odd visual glitch. There's no risk of losing it.

A furniture item and staff member stuck (and then not stuck) in My Restaurant.
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As for how to fix a stuck staff member, restarting the game won't work. In fact, nothing will. In the case of waiters or chefs who happen to get stuck in place - be it on your main floor or even the third, you'll likely just have to wait for a fix for now. You might get lucky with subsequent restarts, but it isn't as successful as the furniture fix.

What you can do is take a screenshot of the problem and post it to the BIG Games Discord server. Find the applicable channel for bug reports, provide as much context as possible like how it happened, when it happened, and what you've done to try to fix it. There's no saying if (or when) it'll get fixed, but making someone aware is the best you can hope for.

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