How to get 100,000 customers in My Restaurant on Roblox

Customers eating in My Restaurant.

Customers eating in My Restaurant.

Trying for that Huge Chef Cat? You don't have long. To do it, you need to know how to get 100,000 customers in My Restaurant on Roblox as fast as possible. The Pet Simulator X crossover giveaway ends when 50,000 people claim the prize. But if you haven't started just yet, there's still a chance you can grab it if you follow these simple tips.

How to get customers fast in My Restaurant on Roblox

Always be spending

Any money hoarded in your account is time wasted in My Restaurant. Unless you're saving for something specific like a better dishwasher, more staff, or a new floor to expand your business, indecision means missed opportunities.

If you don't know what to spend your money on, just get something. Anything, even. So long as it serves a function, it'll play a part in speeding up your goal. A sink, a new chef, another oven, or a bunch of tables and chairs will all work wonders. Just spend.

Watch for bottlenecks

Reaching 100,000 customers fast means watching out for any inefficiencies in your restaurant. Here's what to watch out for:

  • Chefs doing nothing? - Place tables and chairs to generate more customers or buy more ovens.
  • Waiters doing nothing? - Place tables and chairs to generate more customers.
  • Tables full of cash? - Hire more waiters or sinks.
  • Customers waiting at the door? - Hire more waiters.
  • Restaurant full? - Buy another floor.
  • Order desk full? - Hire more chefs or ovens.

To accurately work out where your bottleneck is, just follow the customer experience and look out for where the chain slows down. Here's how it works:

  1. Customer enters.
  2. Customer is seated.
  3. Customer browses the menu.
  4. Customer decides order.
  1. Waiter accepts order.
  2. Chef grabs order from order board.
  3. Chef cooks food at an available oven.
  4. Chef puts food on order board.
  5. Waiter takes order to customer.
  6. Customer eats.
  7. Customers leaves money.
  8. Waiter takes money to available sink/dishwasher.
  9. Repeat.
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Waiters won't stick to the same customer throughout their time in the restaurant. They're smart enough to multi-task. So while one waiter could theoretically see to a whole restaurant, they can still only do one thing at a time.

So if there's ever a job that needs doing while a waiter is busy, that's grounds to get another. The faster you can have customers complete their whole visit cycle, the faster you'll hit 100,000 customers served. Easy, right?

For chef, any time they're not stood working over a stove is time lost. So if you have a stove that's not in use, buy another chef. And if you have a chef that isn't cooking while the restaurant is full, buy another oven.

Focus on tables and seats

Tables and seats actively generate customers to your restaurant, so it's generally best to focus on buying more tables and chairs to seat them.

The quality of the table and chair doesn't matter. Buy the cheapest tables and chairs you can and use the saved cash to buy more kitchen equipment and staff. That'll ensure you're doing what you can to serve as many customers as possible.

Don't buy floor 3 when you can

If you're running things efficiently, you shouldn't need to buy floor 3 when you have enough cash. This will likely happen at around level 10. The reason being is that you'll struggle to get enough customers through the door at that point. You'll have hired all the staff you can up until level 13 and won't really have the staff to man all the ovens you might need.

Customers in My Restaurant on Roblox.
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Upgrade equipment

Instead of buying floor 3, focus on upgrading your equipment instead. Swap out old sinks and ovens for appliances that can do their job at a higher speed. For the chefs at least, this will speed up cooking times. And for waiters, they'll be free from sink duty and able to seat more guests, take their orders, and deliver their food.

Buy something

Got Robux to burn? There are a couple of ways you can speed up your customer counter and dash your way to a Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X. Beyond using guests or profit boosts to speed up growth, you can use the Rush Hour boost to bring more customers to an efficient restaurant.

On the Gamepass front, Auto Collect and Auto-Seat will free your waiters from two essential parts of their job, allowing them to focus on taking orders and bringing food to the table.

For a couple more Roblox guides, it makes sense to check out how to make golden pets, how to make rainbow pets, and how to make dark matter pets in Pet Simulator X. You're here for that game, after all.

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