Funny Roblox games - the best Roblox meme games around

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Screenshot from Mega Noob Simulator, with a big Roblox figure throwing a small Roblox figure

Looking for a bunch of funny Roblox games? With so much user-created content on the site, it's tricky to separate the funny Roblox games from more action-oriented ones instead. And when you're just hoping to laugh with your friends, searching high and low will only bore them, so we've rounded what we think are the best funny Roblox games around right now.

Most Roblox content out there relies on clicking, collecting, or roleplaying with other like-minded players. And while that's fine and usually pretty fun, there's nothing quite like the downright goofy to make even the most boring Roblox games some of the most loveable out there.

August 6, 2023 - we added the ridiculous walking egg title, Eg!, to our list

Here are funny Roblox games - what are some funny Roblox games?

Screenshot from The Presentation Experience, showing a Roblox character dancing on a table
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The Presentation Experience

First on our list is one of our team's favourite funny Roblox games - it's just one very loud classroom where everyone is the class clown.

One by one, you and your classmates get up to improvise a presentation based on a single-word prompt on the board behind you. You can say whatever you want, and anyone in the class can interrupt it with rude, bizarre, and sometimes completely unintelligible actions.

When someone is up performing, you simply select from a range of wacky actions you can execute to distract them; from vomiting on your desk, to blurting out memes, and even taking off like a helicopter.

Each action costs points to perform. These fill up over time, but codes and the score you're given at the end of a presentation (tallied from the numbers your peers slam into their keyboards) can help build them up as well. It's a great way to switch your brain off and revel in some plain juvenile fun.

Screenshot from Devious Lick showing a Roblox character stealing a sink
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Devious Lick

Remember the "devious lick" meme that was everywhere in the middle of 2021? There's a Roblox game for that. In this title, you sneak around a store, grabbing whatever you can and selling it to purchase new accessories, pets, and more. With plenty of places to explore (and licks to hit), it's a very title, and one of the more chaotically funny Roblox games around.

We'd never encourage any devious lick practices in real life, but if a game is good for anything, it's letting people feel the thrill of misbehaving without actually harming anyone: and Devious Lick is undeniably a lot of fun.

With an extensive open-world school with plenty of unlockable areas, it becomes a surprisingly deep and engaging grind game that just so happens to be incredibly funny with a group of friends.

Screenshot from Mega Noob Simulator, showing a muscly Roblox figure towering over a noob
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Mega Noob Simulator

If ever a Roblox game has encompassed gaming culture, it's Mega Noob Simulator. Starting off as a self-professed "noob", your task is to slowly gain strength and beat up anyone who looks like more of a noob than you. It's the sort of silliness that fits in perfectly with internet culture, making it a hit with the Roblox community.

The gameplay will feel very familiar to anyone who's spent time on the platform, too. Slowly grinding to earn coins and get stronger rewards dedicated players, and the slow transformation of your character is enough motivation to keep you going. It's wild, silly, and surprisingly addictive, and Mega Noob Simulator earns a place on this list.

Screenshot from Strongman Simulator, showing a Roblox character pulling a giant turkey
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Strongman Simulator

Similar to Mega Noob Simulator, here's another Roblox game that rewards grinding. Strongman Simulator tasks you with growing your character in size, which can quickly make it into one of the most truly funny Roblox games.

The progression is more conventional here - you just lift weights and hit the gym to grow your character. As you get stronger, you'll unlock new areas to explore, leading to arenas you can share with only the best Strongman Simulator players.

It's a game that also rewards returning players, so if you want a funny Roblox game that'll make you smile after a long day at school, Strongman Simulator might be the one.

Image from Wacky Wizards showing a Roblox wizard with an elongated neck
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Wacky Wizards

If you ever used to like games such as Scribblenauts, where the gameplay was limited only by your imagination, then you'll like Wacky Wizards. This Roblox game lets you mix a range of potions using hundreds of different ingredients, to see what sort of brazen combinations you can make.

It's a game that encourages imagination and creativity, as you can mix almost anything together to create some sort of Roblox monstrosity. Seeing what sort of bonkers result you get is all part of the fun - and with hundreds of possible combinations, it'll keep you busy for a long time.

A screenshot from Eg! showing the player's egg wearing a hat and a fish on its head.
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Dress up your Eg however you like with the countless customisation options.


As simple but ridiculous as a game concept comes, Eg! empowers players to take control of a walking egg and walk around collecting coins and items to customise their character. It is a pretty relaxed and social game, definitely one that you can switch your brain off to.

The egg is virtually indestructible and will traverse a variety of environments without any issue, from water to lava, and if players get stuck they can just hit the respawn button. With a plethora of discoverable customisation options and a ridiculous-looking walk, Eg! is a lot of fun and hilarious to witness.

Fart Attack

If your sense of humour skews slightly juvenile, then we've got the game for you. It's the first, and perhaps only, fart-based combat game on the Roblox platform, and it certainly lives up to that title. By eating foods like cabbage and burritos, you build up your energy meter until you're ready to unleash a fart worthy of knocking your opponents out the arena.

It's wacky and undeniably silly, but Fart Attack is a surprisingly fun gameplay experience too. You have to traverse the arena tactically so you're never near the edge, while also collecting enough food to unleash a methane attack on any opponents closing in. If silly games with a surprisingly level of depth are for you, then dive into Fart Attack.

And that's it for our list of funny Roblox games for now. We've highlighted a range of games broad enough to make any player chuckle. Give them a go, and see which one has you stifling a laugh. Come back every week or so to see a new one added to the list, or just go and use things like Anime Punching Simulator codes and Arena Champions codes to get stuck in with some newer experiences.

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