Wacky Wizards Potions list - All potions, combinations, and ingredients (September 2022)

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Screenshot from Wacky Wizards, showing a character with a long neck after using a potion
September 14, 2022: With a new ingredient recently added, it's time to take another look at Wacky Wizards potions.

With over 300 combinations, completing the long list of Wacky Wizard potions can be an utterly confounding part of this popular Roblox game. Customisation and creative experimentation are both core elements of this game, and while our complete list of combinations and concoctions can go against those foundations, how you enjoy it is entirely to you.


Potions are hugely useful resources in Wacky Wizards. Sometimes. They can give you individual boosts based on their included attributes, but it's impossible to know what impact a potion will have until you drink it.

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All Wacky Wizards Potions

Potion Ingredients
Speedy PotionHoof
Squirting PotionSandwich
Noodley PotionNoodle
Tiny PotionFairy
Flounder PotionFish
Floating PotionBird
Explosive PotionDynamite
Zombie PotionBrain
Warty PotionSpider
Camouflage Potion Chameleon
Giant PotionEar
Hot PotionChilli
Beany PotionBeans
Jandel PotionJandel
Foryxe PotionForyxe
Cleetus PotionCleetus
Identity Theft PotionYou
Unresolved Size PotionFairy and Ear
Enlarged Head PotionBrain and Ear
Tiny Head PotionBrain and Fairy
Tall PotionHoof and Ear
Shrink Ray PotionChameleon and Fairy
Leg Day PotionHoof and Fairy
Wide Load PotionBeans and Ear
Iron PotionNoodle and Ear
Long Neck PotionHoof and Noodle
Centipede PotionNoodle and Spider
Digging PotionNoodle and Beans
Rocket PotionDynamite and Bird
Bald PotionBrain and Chilli
Fire Walking PotionBird and Chilli
Fire Breathing PotionSandwich and Chilli
Swim PotionBird and Fish
Mermaid PotionFairy and Fish
Puffed PotionBeans and Fish
Octo PotionHoof, Spider, and Fish
Air Jumper PotionBird and Hoof
Bang PotionBran, Ear, and Dynamite
Ticking PotionBrain and Dynamite
Bouncy PotionHoof and Dynamite
Firework PotionNoodle and Dynamite
Exploding Squirts PotionSandwich and Dynamite
Popping PotionBeans and Dynamite
Speckled PotionSpider and Chameleon
Ragdoll PotionBrain and Sandwich
Limp PotionNoodle and Sandwich
Slowing Hoof PotionHoof and Sandwich
Giant Squirts PotionEar and Sandwich
Cloning Farts PotionFairy and Sandwich
Burts PotionBeans and Sandwich
Invisible PotionBrain and Chameleon
Invisible Head PotionTwo Brains and Chameleon
Legged PotionHoof and Spider
Minions PotionFairy and Spider
Ghostly PotionBird and Spider
Banana PotionBeans, Ear, Hoof, and Fairy
Long Head PotionBrain and Beans
High-Heel PotionTwo Hoofs and Ear
Dopppelganger PotionYou and Chameleon
Headwards PotionYou and Brain
Upside Down PotionTwo You and Brain
Wizard PotionJandel and Foryxe
Heatseeking PotionTwo Dynamite and Bird
Sally PotionNoodle and Cleetus
Nuclear PotionDynamite and Ear
Levitate PotionBird and Fairy
Skinny PotionHoof, Ear, and Fairy
Rolling PotionYou and Needle
Bouncy PotionHoof, Dynamite, and Beans
Crumbly PotionChameleon and Beans
Robux PotionRobux
Empyreus PotionRobux and Brain
Link PotionRobux and You
Hat Grower PotionRobux and Ear
Buxly PotionRobux and Chameleon
Korblox PotionRobux and Hoof
Sketch PotionSketch
Jayingee PotionJayingee
Flybux PotionRobux and Bird
Poor PotionRobux and Sandwich
Square PotionRobuc and Fish
Mr Rich PotionCyclops Eye
Golden PotionRobux and Fairy
Premium Salad PotionPremiumsalad
Invert PotionWitch's Brew
Vomit PotionWitch's Brew and Beans
Broom PotionWitch's Brew and Fairy
Pumpkin PotionWitch's Brew and Roblox
Detacher PotionWitch's Brew and Brain
Crows PotionWitch's Brew and Bird
Smelling PotionWitch's Brew and Noodle
Truck PotionWitch's Brew and Ear
Witchy PotionWitch's Brew and You
Twitchy PotionWitch's Brew and Sandwich
Banging Warts PotionWitch's Brew and Dynamite
Ratty PotionWitch's Brew and Spider
Punchy PotionBoxing Gloves
Hot Punch PotionBoxing Gloves and Chilli
Gravity Punch PotionBoxing Gloves and Bird
Brains Punch PotionBoxing Gloves and Brain
Kaboom PotionBoxing Gloves and Dynamite
Beanock PotionBoxing Gloves and Beans
KnockPunch PotionBoxing Gloves and Giant's Ear
Noodle ComboPool Noodle and Chameleon
SpaghettiPool Noodle, 2 Chameleon, and Fairy
Firey-armsPool Noodle, Chameleon, and Chilli
Big-armsPool Noodle, Chameleon, and Giant's Ear
NeonPool Noodle, Chameleon, and Witch's Brew
BeanarmsPool Noodle, Chameleon, and Beans
BroomFairy, Witch's Brew, and Dynamite
Fancy ZombieRobux, Chameleon, and Brain
SpidermanYou and Spider
Flame-Rolling PotionYou, Pool Noodle, and Chilli
Lets-Go PotionYou, Pool Noodle, and Chameleon
Poison PotionBoxing Gloves and Rotten Sandwich
Headless PotionBird and Brain
Long Rat PotionWitch's Brew, Spider, and Pool Noodle
Oink PotionPet Tag
Trunk PotionPet Tag and Giant's Ear
Creepy-Crawly PotionPet Tag and Spider
Lizard PotionPet Tag and Chameleon
Sssssss PotionPet Tag and Pool Noodle
Magical PotionPet Tag and Fairy
New Zealand Potion 1Pet Tag and Jandel's Head
New Zealand Potion 2Pet Tag and Foryxe's Head
Armed PotionPool Noodle, Spider, and Giraffe Hoof
Bee DisguiseSleepy Bee
Honey PotionHoney
Fire Farting PotionChilli and Beans
Onett PotionHoney and You
Buzzing PotionHoney and Bird
Rush PotionHoney and Giraffe Hoof
Honey Melt PotionHoney and Chilli
Rainbow Body PotionHoney and Chameleon
Sweet Arms PotionHoney, Chameleon, and Pool Noodle
Buzz PotionHoney and Pet Tags
Queenly PotionHoney and Robux
Buzzy Head PotionHoney and Brain
Hot Noodles PotionEggcano
Cloneboom PotionEggcano and You
Flash PotionEggcano and Giraffe Hoof
Exploding Bee PotionEggcano and Honey
Fireball PotionEggcano and Bird
Flaming Skin PotionEggcano and Chilli
Creeper PotionEggcano and Dynamite
Hot Rich PotionEggcano and Robux
Melty PotionEggcano and Rotten Sandwich
Firebee PotionEggcano, Honey, and You
Cano PotionEggcano and Pool Noodle
Boxing PotionEggcano and Boxing Gloves
Sticky Arms PotionChameleon, Pool Noodle, and Honey
Glowing PotionChameleon and Eggcano
KSI PotionKSI's Hair
Blood Sucking PotionBird, Fairy, and Spider
Potion Arms PotionJandel's Head, Foryxe's Head, Chameleon, Pool Noodle
How Did You Find This? PotionPotion Arms Potion, and Chameleon
Fumble Bottom PotionKaden's Head
Bouncy Body PotionBrain, Rotten Sandwich, and Bird
Sweetball PotionWitch's Brew and Honey
Creepy Hands PotionGiant's Ear and You
Bean Man PotionBeans and KSI Hair
Frog PotionFrog
Frog Legs PotionFrog and Giraffe Hoof
Prince PotionFrog and You
Tadpole PotionFrog and Fish
Thicc PotionFrog and Giant's Ear
Banging Feet PotionFrog and Dynamite
Grapple Tongue PotionFrog and Brain
Hibernation PotionFrog and Rotten Sandwich
Infinite PotionFrog and Fairy
Lilyjump PotionFrog, Bird, and Giraffe Hoof
Eyes PotionFrog and Chameleon
Bounce High PotionFrog and Bird
Lilypad Jumping Potion2 Frog, Fairy, Bird, and Giraffe Hoof
Frog Boxing PotionFrog and Boxing Gloves
Wall Walker PotionFrog, Spider, and Giraffe Hoof
Eely PotionFrog and Pool Noodle
Bullet PotionGun
Dynamite Slinger PotionGun and Dynamite
Giant Ray PotionGun and Giant's Ear
Flamethrower PotionGun and Chilli
Bee Cannon PotionGun and Honey
Shrink Ray PotionGun and Fairy
Beangun PotionGun and Beans
Watergun PotionGun and Fish
Poopy Gun PotionGun and Rotten Sandwich
Pig Launcher PotionGun and Pet Tags
Poison Hair PotionGun and Spider
Buxshoot PotionGun and Robux
Cow Disguise PotionCow Hat
Alien Arms PotionAlien Parasite, Chameleon, and Pool Noodle
Martian Monkey PotionAlien Parasite and Jandel's Head
Parasite PotionAlien Parasite and Rotten Sandwich
Vapour PotionAlien Parasite and Dynamite
Alien Head PotionAlien Parasite and Giant's Ear
Eyeyy PotionAlien Parasite and Frog
Legs PotionAlien Parasite and Giraffe Hoof
Neon PotionAlien Parasite and Chameleon
Zero Gravity PotionAlien Parasite and Bird
DNA Scramble PotionAlien Parasite and Gun
Alien Clone PotionAlien Parasite and You
Alien Eruption PotionTwo Eggcano and Pool Noodle
Alien Baby PotionAlien Parasite and Fairy
Alien PotionAlien Parasite
Nexure PotionNexure's Head
Nomer PotionNomer's Head
Void Star PotionVoid Star
Long Bee PotionPool Noodle and Sleepy Bee
Gill PotionAxolotl
Axolotl PotionAxolotl and You
Flying Bean PotionBird and Beans
Fedora PotionFedora
Mariofly PotionMarifly5 Mask
Discoman potionDisco Ball
Fire Muh Laser PotionDisco Ball and Alien Parasite
Technoviking PotionDisco Ball and Giant's Ear
Confetti Cannon PotionDisco Ball and Gun
Neon Body PotionDisco Ball and Chameleon
Disco Head PotionDisco Ball and Brain
Disco Body PotionDisco Ball, Brain, and You
Confettisplosion PotionDisco Ball and Dynamite
Tail PotionDisco Ball and Witch's Brew
Afro PotionDisco Ball and Robux
Rainfro PotionDisco Ball, Robux, and Chameleon
Pet Frog PotionFrog and Pet Tags
Disco Grenade PotionDisco Ball and Chilli
Speaker PotionDisco Ball and Fairy
Slinky PotionDisco Ball and Pool Noodle
Pumpkinhead Potion2021 Pumpkin
Headless Horse Potion2021 Pumpkin and Giraffe Hoof
Jackbomb Potion2021 Pumpkin and Dynamite
San Potion2021 Pumpkin and Beans
Skelly Potion2021 Pumpkin and Spider
Dave Potion2021 Pumpkin and Pool Noodle
Broomed Potion2021 Pumpkin and Witch's Brew
Pumoodle Potion2021 Pumpkin, Pool Noodle, and Chameleon
Skull Arms Potion2021 Pumpkin, Spider, Pool Noodle, and Chameleon
Pump Legs Potion2021 Pumpkin and Giant's Ear
Handed Head Potion2021 Pumpkin and Brain
Youkin Potion2021 Pumpkin and You
Pump Gloves Potion2021 Pumpkin and Boxing Globes
Sweet Shot Potion2021 Pumpkin and Gun
Candy Poop Potion2021 Pumpkin and Rotten Sandwich
Skeleton Spine PotionUndead
RIP PotionUndead and Rotten Sandwich
Skeleton Arms PotionUndead and Fairy
Frankenstein PotionUndead and You
Giant Cyclops PotionUndead and Giant's Ear
Bone Gloves PotionUndead and Boxing Gloves
Skull PotionUndead and Brain
Zombie Fish PotionUndead and Fish
Mr Explosion PotionUndead and Dynamite
Skeleton Wings PotionUndead and Bird
Demon Girl PotionUndead and Spider
Pet Pumpkin Potion2021 Pumpkin and Pet Tags
Bone Bow PotionUndead and Gun
Fire Spine PotionUndead and Chilli
Zom-bee PotionUndead and Honey
Manublox PotionManu
Ghostbuster Equipment PotionGhost Hunter Equipment
Levitation PotionGhost
Ectoplasm Melt PotionGhost and Chilli
Ghost Bee PotionGhost and Honey
Grim Reaper PotionGhost and Undead
Flying Dutchman PotionGhost and Fish
Ghost Vision PotionGhost and Rotten Sandwich
Marshmellow Giant PotionGhost and Giant's Ear
Teal PacGhost PotionGhost, Brain, and Fish
Ghost Elephant PotionGhost, Pet Tags, and Giant's Ear
Ghost Foryxe PotionGhost, Pet Tag, and Foryxe's Head
Ghost Jandel PotionGhost, Jandel's Head, and Pet Tags
Ghost Lizard PotionGhost, Pet Tag, and Chameleon
Ghost Pig PotionGhost, Pet Tags
Ghost Snake PotionGhost, Pet Tags, and Pool Noodle
Ghost Spider PotionGhost, Pet Tags, and Spider
Ghost Unicorn PotionGhost, Pet Tags, and Fairy
Ghost Pumpkin Pet PotionGhost, Pet Tags, and 2021 Pumpkin
Scared PotionGhost and You
Red Pacghost PotionGhost and Brain
Pink Pacghost PotionGhost, Brain, and Fairy
Orange Pacghost PotionGhost, Brain, and Dynamite
Candycorn Arms PotionCorn
Movie Popcorn PotionCorn and Brain
Scarecrow PotionCorn and Bird
Corndude PotionCorn and You
Candycorn Bee PotionCorn and Honey
Candycorn Legs PotionCorn and Giraffe Hoof
Popcorn Poop PotionCorn and Rotten Sandwich
Corn Grenade PotionCorn and Dynamite
Popcorn Firework PotionCorn and Chilli
Rainbow Popcorn Firework PotionCorn, Chilli, and Chameleon
Popcorn Explosion PotionCorn and Beans
Popcorn Gloves PotionCorn and Boxing Gloves
Popcorn Gun PotionCorn and Gun
Aussie Gravity Potion2 You, Brain, and Bird
British Tea PotionHoney and Beans
Sandwich Morph PotionRotten Sandwich and You
Slender PotionGiraffe Hoof, Giant's Ear, and Witch's Brew
Sans Rider PotionUndead and Eggcano
Sparkler Head PotionUndead and Disco Ball
Corn Arms PotionCorn and Pool Noodle
Corn Legs PotionCorn, Pool Noodle, and Giraffe Hoof
Explosive Vomit PotionBeans, Witch's Brew, and Dynamite
Flying Eye PotionCyclops Eye and Bird
Sunburn PotionChilli and You
Revive Player PotionUndead and Witch's Brew
Old PotionWalking Cane
Builder's Club Hat PotionWalking Cane and Brain
Flamingo PotionWalking Cane and Bird
Builderman PotionWalking Cane and You
Domino Crown PotionWalking Cane and Frog
Old Vision PotionWalking Cane and Ghost
Dog Vision PotionWalking Cane and Pet Tags
Ninja Mask of Awesome PotionWalking Cane and Eggcano
Guest PotionWalking Cane and Pool Noodle
Studded Brick PotionWalking Cane and Giraffe Hoof
Old Movie Vision Potion2 Walking Cane, Pet Tags, and Ghost
Clashed Sword PotionWalking Cane and Corn
Winged Bean PotionWalking Cane and Beans
Throw Tix PotionWalking Cane and Robux
Old Glinda PotionWalking Cane and Witch's Brew
Old Oz PotionOz's Wallet
Turkey PotionTurkey
Turkey Dinner PotionCooked Turkey
Turkey Arms PotionCooked Turkey and Pool Noodle
Turkey Legs PotionCooked Turkey and Giraffe Hoof
Cornucopia Shoes PotionCooked Turkey and Corn
Turkey Poop PotionCooked Turkey and Rotten Sandwich
Potato Musket PotionCooked Turkey and Gun
Turkey Dance PotionCooked Turkey and Disco Ball
Potato Grenade PotionCooked Turkey and Dynamite
Turkey Bow PotionCooked Turkey and Bird
Fez PotionCooked Turkey and Brain
Pet Turkey PotionCooked Turkey and Pet Tags
Pie Bee PotionCooked Turkey and Honey
Turkey Leg Club PotionCooked Turkey and Undead
Turkey Rex PotionCooked Turkey and Giant's Ear
Snowman Potion2021 Snowman
Santa PotionGingerbread man
Xmas-Bee PotionGingerbread man, Honey
Xmas-Spine PotionGingerbread man, Walking Cane
Ginger-arms PotionGingerbread man, Pool Noodle
Ginger-legs PotionGingerbread man, Giraffe Hoof
Grinch potionGingerbread man, Spider
Skis PotionGingerbread man, Fish
Present-grenade PotionGingerbread man
Present-poop PotionGingerbread man, Rotten sandwich
Present-gloves PotionGingerbread man, Boxing Gloves
Present PotionGingerbread man, You
Giant-snowball PotionGingerbread man, Giants Ear
Present-bomb PotionGingerbread man, Chili
Carrot PotionCarrot
Potato-head PotionCarrot, Gingerbread man
Mrs-potat-head PotionCarrot, Gingerbread man, Fairy
Celery-arms PotionCarrot, Pool Noodle
Celery-legs PotionCarrot, Giraffe Hoof
Bunny potionCarrot, Frog
Carrot-eyes potionCarrot, Walking Cane
Sad-onion potionCarrot, Fish
Eggplant-morph potionCarrot, 2021 Pumpkin
Ketchup-morph potion Carrot, Eggcano
Ketchup-flamethrower potionCarrot, Eggcano, Gun
Melon-morph potion Carrot, Chameleon
Mole-morph potion Carrot, Undead
Mushroom-morph potionCarrot, Cooked Turkey
Tomato-morph potionCarrot, Chilli
Avocado-morph potionCarrot, Gingerbread man
Tomato-grenade potion Carrot, Dynamite
Salad-morph potionCarrot, Spider
New-years potionNew Year’s Ball
New-years-hat potionNew Year’s Ball, Brain
New-years-sparkler potionNew Year’s Ball, Dynamite
Ra potionEgyptian Head
Sphinx-head potionEgyptian Head, brain
Anubis potionEgyptian Head, bird
Cactus potionEgyptian Head, carrot
Magic-carpet potionEgyptian Head, fairy
Walk-like-an-egyptian potionEgyptian Head, ball
Mummy potionEgyptian Head, undead
Pyramid-bomb potionEgyptian Head, dynamite
Pyramid-poop potionEgyptian Head, sandwich
Sand-melt potionEgyptian Head, chilli
Scarabee potionEgyptian Head, honey
Scarab-morph potionEgyptian Head, spider
Egyptian-sword potionEgyptian Head, gun
Pyramid-morph potionEgyptian Head, you
Davy-jones potionPirate Hat
Parrot-friend potionPirate Hat, bird
Captain-morph potionPirate Hat, fish
Doubloon-morph potionPirate Hat, you
Eye-patch potionPirate Hat, carrot
Pirate-pan potionPirate Hat, fairy
Pirate-bee potionPirate Hat, honey
Captain-hat potionPirate Hat, brain
Peg-leg potionPirate Hat, giraffe hoof
Pirate-pistol potionPirate Hat, gun
Squid-friend potionPirate Hat, frog
Pirate-sword potionPirate Hat, pool noodle
Pirate-skeleton potionPirate Hat, undead
Treasure-bomb potionPirate Hat, dynamite
Treasure-poop potionPirate Hat, rotten sandwich
Tumble-weed potionTumble Weed
Moo-head potionTumble Weed, egyptian head
Cow-bee potionTumble Weed, honey
Cowboy’s-boots potionTumble Weed, giraffe hoof
Cowboy’s-hat potionTumble Weed, brain
Cowboy-sheriff potionTumble Weed, pirate hat
Golden-morph potionTumble Weed, You
Horse's-poop potionTumble Weed, Rotten Sandwich
Pickaxe potionTumble Weed,
Powderkeg-bomb potionTumble Weed,
Prairie-dog-morph potionTumble Weed,
Cowboy’s Revolver potionTumble Weed,
Robber-mask potionTumble Weed,
Wild-west-star potionTumble Weed,
Leprechaun potionPot of Gold
St.Patrick Bee potionPot of Gold, Honey
Irish Step Dance potionPot of Gold, Disco Ball
Irish Fairy potionPot of Gold, Fairy
Harp potionPot of Gold, Witches Brew
Top Hat potionPot of Gold, Brian
Irish Sword potionPot of Gold, Pool Noodle
Irish Vision potionPot of Gold, Chameleon
Marshmallow Morph potionPot of Gold, You
Marshmallow Poop potionPot of Gold, Rotten Sandwich
Lucky Cereal Morph potionPot of Gold, Fish
Lucky Gloves potionPot of Gold, Boxing Gloves
Lucky Bomb potionPot of Gold, Dynamite
Rainbow Gun potionPot of Gold, Gun
NFT-morphEthereum Crystal
Bot-bee Ethereum Crystal + Honey
Gem-pooEthereum Crystal + Rotten Sandwich
Castle-gunEthereum Crystal + Gun
Gem-grenadeEthereum Crystal + Dynamite
Breathe-fireEthereum Crystal + Chili
Robot-glovesEthereum Crystal + Boxing Gloves
Gem-levitationEthereum Crystal + Witches Brew
Robot-armsEthereum Crystal + Pool Noodle
Robot-legsEthereum Crystal + Giraffe Hoof
Knight-morphEthereum Crystal + Frog
NFT-rainEthereum Crystal + Fish
Sky-girlEthereum Crystal + Fairy
Robo-giantEthereum Crystal + Giant's Ear
Sky-pirateEthereum Crystal + Pirate Hat
KiteEthereum Crystal + Bird
Egg-morphFeberge Egg
Egg-grenadeFaberge Egg + Dynamite
Duck-friendsFaberge Egg + Bird
Bunny-earsFaberge Egg + Brain
Chocomelt Faberge Egg + Chili
Easter-bunnyFaberge Egg + You
Easter-beeFaberge Egg + Honey
Bunny-pjsFaberge Egg + Beans
Egg-camoFaberge Egg + Chameleon
Egg-gunFaberge Egg + Gun
Evil-bunnyFaberge Egg + Witches Brew
Peep-morphFaberge Egg + Fish
Egg-poopFaberge Egg + Rotten Sandwhich
Bunny-legsFaberge Egg + Giraffe Hoof
Rocket-fuelDynamite + Chili
Star-pulseStar Shard
Glitter-fartStar Shard + Rotten Sandwich
BlackholeStar Shard + Pirate Hat
Blackhole-glovesStar Shard + Boxing Gloves
Elon-muskStar Shard + You
Low-gravityStar Shard + Fairy
High-gravityStar Shard + Fairy + Fish
Laser-gunStar Shard + Gun
MartianStar Shard + Chameleon
Shooting-starStar Shard + Dynamite
Sun-morphStar Shard + Brain
SupernovaStar Shard + Chili
Worm-holeStar Shard + Pool Noodle
Night-timeStar Shard + Frog
Meteor-strikeStar Shard + Spider
Coconut-treeCoconut + Chameleon
Coconut-rollCoconut + You
Coconut-armsCoconut + Pool Noodle
Coconut-glovesCoconut + Boxing Gloves
Coconut-grenadeCoconut + Dynamite
Dancing-pineappleCoconut + Disco Ball
Pineapple-trampolineCoconut + Frog
Sponge Coconut + Fish
Coconut-legsCoconut + Giraffe Hoof
Orbit-pyramidIlluminati Pyramid
Pyramid-headIlluminati Pyramid + Brain
Pyramid-noodle-armsIlluminati Pyramid + Pool Noodle
Pyramid-grenadeIlluminati Pyramid + Dynamite
Pyramid-manIlluminati Pyramid + You
Golden-gunIlluminati Pyramid + Gun
Paintgun-orangePaintbrush + Honey
Paintgun-purplePaintbrush + Fairy
Paintgun-rainbowPaintbrush + Chamelon
Paintgun-redPaintbrush + Chili
Paintgun-yellowPaintbrush + Spider
Paintbrush-swordPaintbrush + Gun
Paintbrush-armsPaintbrush + Pool Noodle
Paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite
Green-paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite + Frog
Orange-paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite + Honey
Purple-paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite + Fairy
Rainbow-paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite + Chameleon
Red-paint-grenadeTostado-ufoPaintbrush + Dynamite + Chili
Yellow-paint-grenadePaintbrush + Dynamite + Spider
Paint-bucket-headPaintbrush + Brain
Paint-bucketPaintbrush + You
Jellybean Jellybean
Jelly-throwerJellybean + Gun
Jelly-grenadeJellybean + Dynamite
Jelly-walkJellybean + Giraffe Hoof
Jelly-poopJellybean + Rotten Sandwich
Jelly-rainJellybean + Chameleon
Green-paint-gunJellybean + Paintbrush
Cake Birthday Cake
Cake-beeBirthday Cake + Honey
Cake-boxing-glovesBirthday Cake + Boxing Gloves
Cake-pooBirthday Cake + Rotten Sandwich
Candle-armsBirthday Cake + Pool Noodle
Candle-legsBirthday Cake + Giraffe Hoof
Candle Birthday Cake + You
Cake-growthsBirthday Cake + Witches Brew
Match-swordBirthday Cake + Chili
Taco Taco
Taco-gunTaco + Gun
Sombrero Taco + Brain
Taco-beeTaco + Honey
Taco-pooTaco + Rotten Sandwich
Tostado-ufoTaco + Fish
Smoothie Oz's Sunglasses
Summer-beeOz's Sunglasses + Honey
Sunglasses Oz's Sunglasses + Witches
Duck-floatieOz's Sunglasses + Fish
Sunscreen Oz's Sunglasses + Giant's Ear
Summer-gunOz's Sunglasses + Gun
Sunglasses-visionOz's Sunglasses + Brain
Umbrella Oz's Sunglasses + Bird
Watermelon-ballOz's Sunglasses + Carrot
Pool-floatiesOz's Sunglasses + Pool Noodle
Orb Magic Orb
Fly-orbMagic Orb + Fairy
Orb-grenadeMagic Orb + Dynamite
Orb-headMagic Orb + Brain
Orb-armsMagic Orb + Pool Noodle
Orb-poopMagic Orb + Rotten Sandwich
Orbiting-orbsMagic Orb + Ethereum Crystal
Banana-splitIcecream Cone
Popsicle-armsIcecream Cone + Pool Noodle
Icecream-beeIcecream Cone + Honey
Brain-freezeIcecream Cone + Brain
Popsicle-legsIcecream Cone + Giraffe Hoof
Icecream-pooIcecream Cone + Rotten Sandwich
Icecream-sandwichIcecream Cone + Beans
Snow-coneIcecream Cone + Oz's Sunglasses
Waffle-coneIcecream Cone + Fish
Unicorn-friendsHorse Shoe
Horseshoe-armsHorse Shoe + Pool Noodle
Throwing-horseshoeHorse Shoe + Ethereum Crystal
Horse-legsHorse Shoe + Giraffe Hoof
Flying-unicornHorse Shoe + Fairy
Horse-beeHorse Shoe + Honey
Horse-headHorse Shoe + Brain
Horse-bodyHorse Shoe + Giant's Ear
S'moreFlamey + Coconut
Fish-grappleFlamey + Fish
Flash-bangFlamey + Dynamite
LanternFlamey + You
Campfire-legsFlamey + Giraffe Hoof
Pine-treeFlamey + Spider
SasquatchFlamey + Ethereum Crystal
Banana-noodle-armsMonkey’s Paw
Banana-LegsMonkey’s Paw + Giraffe Hoof
Banana-broomMonkey’s Paw + Witches Brew
Banana-gunMonkey’s Paw + Gun
MonkeypoxMonkey’s Paw + Frog
Monkey-pooMonkey’s Paw + Rotten Sandwich
JawsShark Tooth
Shark-gunShark Tooth + Gun
Shark-arms Shark Tooth + Pool Noodles
Shark-pooShark Tooth + Sandwich
Sword-fishShark Tooth + Fish
Sharknado Shark Tooth + Ethereum Crystal + Disco Ball

There are hundreds of Wacky Wizards potions available, each with a unique ability. They greatly range in difficulty and rarity, with base potions requiring just two common ingredients to make. Some of the more elusive potions will need duplicates of key items like Giant's Ears. You'll have to grind a little more for some of these, but hard work makes for the best potions.


On top of this list, there are 142 premium Wacky Wizards potions with completely different effects as well. These premium Wacky Wizards potions are much harder to make, often requiring ingredients you can't just stumble upon in the base game. Instead, you have to spend real-life money on gems you can use to purchase the necessary special ingredients.

These paid-for potions come with their own separate book to fill, so you won't have to look at an unfinished tome if you're unable to pay.

Screenshot from Wacky Wizards, showing a Roblox character using the cauldron to make one of many Wacky Wizards potions.

What are Wacky Wizards Potions?

In Wacky Wizards, potions are the main focus of the game. Your goal is to fill the potions book, which contains details of all the potions you've made in the past, and the ingredients that needed to conjure them. The more Wacky Wizards potions you make and discover, the closer you'll get to that 100% completion score.


On top of just individual entries in your potion book, Wacky Wizards potions make for unique gameplay changes: like altering your character's physical attributes. For example, the Noodley potion will give your character extra-long arms, and the Cloning Farts potion will spawn a tiny version of your Roblox avatar.

How do I make Wacky Wizards Potions?

Making Wacky Wizards potions is rather straightforward. All you need to do is collect the desired ingredients and drop them into the cauldrons scattered around the game. The hard part is finding the ingredients you need to make your preferred potion—like the Disco Ball, Frog, or Pumpkin.


The first of many Wacky Wizards potions you'll make is the Noodley Potion. Crafted by placing a Pool Noodle into the cauldron, it's made during the first stage of the game's soft tutorial. From then on, you're free to seek out ingredients and figure out combinations that produce more of the game's 342 base potion possibilities.

Figuring them all out yourself will take some time, and while experimentation is the whole point of the game, the cheat sheet of Wacky Wizards potions above will nudge you in the right direction if you're ever feeling stuck and frustrated. There's nothing wrong with a helping hand.