Wacky Wizards Ingredients List and How To Get Them

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Screenshot from Wacky Wizards, showing a character holding an ingredient to put in the cauldron

There's an astounding amount of Wacky Wizards ingredients to experiment with, and they can get a little confusing. With over 55 out there, all with different effects and combinations, we're here to break down each of the individual ingredients, so you can find the right one for you.

Our Wacky Wizards ingredients list also details how to get each and every one of them, as well as what they all do. When combined with other ingredients, they can create hundreds of unique potions, too, so it's good to learn about them all.


For more on Wacky Wizards, you're in the right place. Check out our Wacky Wizards potions guide to see what you can make with these ingredients. Elsewhere on the Roblox platform, we've got Shindo Life codes, Anime Fighting Simulator codes, and even Blox Fruits codes.

All Wacky Wizards Ingredients

Ingredient How to Get Individual Use
BrainDefault starting tableTurns player into a zombie
Rotten SandwichDefault starting tableMakes player poop
FairyDefault starting tableShrinks player
Giant's EarDefault starting tableIncreases player size
Giraffe HoofDefault starting tableIncreases speed or feet size
Pool NoodleDefault starting tableStretches player's limbs
DynamiteUnder train trackExplodes player
BirdAfter an obstacle course on the map's largest treeMakes player fly
ChameleonOn tree with a branchMakes player blend in with the colours of their surroundings
FishUnderwater tunnelMakes player swim
SpiderIn a tunnel within the spider cave (must shrink down to enter)Increases player's number of arms and legs
ChilliOn a pedestal in the cave underneath the desertBurns player
BeansInside bean cave, past a spoon obstacleTurns items into beans
RobuxReward for beating the Mr. Rich bossMakes Robux sprout from the player (not real ones!)
Witch's BrewComplete the fetch quest for Glinda the WitchRandomly alters the impact of a potion
Boxing GlovesChoose a team, and the golem will give the gloves to youLets you attack enemy players
Pet TagsIn a building next to the spider caveGives the player a pet
HoneyCollect all five flowers from Queen Bee's hiveGives the player's avatar a glossy outline
EggcanoDefeat the Bean Monster in the volcano eventTurns player's limbs into beans
FrogFeed all stew items to one of the goblinsIncreased jump ability, or turns you into a frog
GunReach level 9Lets you shoot other players
Alien ParasiteDestroy the UFOTurns player into an alien
Disco BallComplete all the quests in Cave ClubWear a white suit and high heels
2021 PumpkinOn sale for 1,800 Pumpkins during the 2021 Halloween eventGives the player a pumpkin hat
UndeadOccasionally drops when killing a zombiePlayer gets a skeleton spine top outfit
GhostKill 10 ghosts using the GhostbusterPlayer can levitate
CornAt the end of the mazeCorn sprinkles off the player
Walking CaneBring the wallet to Oz the WizardPlayer walks slower
Sleepy BeeIn a beehive under the small treePlayer looks like a bee
Cleetus' HatBehind a rock by Oz the Wizard's housePlayer gets a Cleetus avatar
Jandel's HeadBehind a cactus in the desertPlayer gets a Jandel avatar
Foryxe's HeadIn the cave club, beyond a waterfallPlayer gets a Foryxe avatar
Premium SaladOn the top of treesPlayer gets a PremiumSalad avatar
SketchIn some coral by the waterfallPlayer gets a Sketch avatar
JayingeeOn a wall in the spider cavePlayer gets a Jayingee avatar
Cyclops EyeDefeat the cyclops bossPlayer gets a Mr. Rich avatar
JustinIn the bush by Oz the Wizard's hutPlayer gets a Justin avatar
KSIBy the tombstone locationPlayer gets a KSI avatar
KadenBehind the waterfallPlayer gets a Kaden Fumblebottom avatar
Nexure's HeadIn a cauldron at Oz the Wizard's hutPlayer gets a Nexure avatar
Nomer's GlassesOn top of a cactusPlayer gets a Nomer avatar
Void StarNext to Dumpster Diver DanPlayer gets an unofficial Star Wars avatar
AxolotlBy green coral in the bottom right of the waterfallGrow axolotl ears, or turn into an axolotl
FedoraBehind a rock in Goblin villagePlayer gets a gamer avatar
Mariofly5's MaskNext to a small rock in Goblin villagePlayer gets a Mariofly5 avatar
ManuOn top of the final tree in Goblin village (must fly to reach it)Player gets a Manublox avatar
GhostHunter GearSpeak to a Ghost Hunter NPCLets you kill ghosts
Oz's WalletIn Oz's basementSame as wizard potion
Superhero CapePurchase for 2,100 gems in the storePlayer gets an unofficial Superman avatar
Cow HeadGiven by Dumpster Diver DanChanges the player's head into a cow
Frozen EggPurchase for 750 gems or 150 RobuxSlowly freezes the player, meaning they cannot move
Hat of GearsPurchase for 1,300 gems or 235 RobuxSpins the player's body parts
Zeus' BeardPurchase for 2,000 gems or 350 RobuxPlayer can shoot lightning bolts
Magic SeedPurchase for 2,300 gems or 400 RobuxA tree grows on the player, meaning they cannot move until they reset the game
WheelPurchase for 1,500 gems or 270 RobuxPlayer turns into a car
MountPurchase for 3,500 gemsPlayer can ride their pets
Mr. CauldronPurchase for 3,000 gemsPlayer turns into a working cauldron
AirstrikePurchase for 650 gemsPlayer can call in airstrikes on any location
Anime Sword of DestinyPurchase for 2,300 gemsPlayer can run faster
CarrotHit 20 moles on the garmPlayer becomes a carrot
Gingerbread ManComplete Gingerbread Man's questPlayer turns into gingerbread
CloudPurchase with GemsPlayer turns into a cloud

As you can see, there are a lot of Wacky Wizards ingredients that you can mix and match to form potions. Note that not all of these ingredients will work together, so it's a matter of trying new combinations and seeing what sticks.

Equally, it's important to remember that not all of these ingredients spawn in the same place. You can find some of the base Wacky Wizards ingredients at the workbench right by where you first spawn in, but you'll have to hunt around for the rest. On top of that, you cannot carry some of the ingredients back to the workbench, so you can't store them to use in future. Therefore, each time you want to use that specific ingredient, you'll have to go and find it again, then bring it back to craft your potions.

How Do I Use Wacky Wizards Ingredients?

Using Wacky Wizards ingredients is a nice and simple process. And that's handy, seeing as messing with ingredients to make potions forms the crux of the gameplay.


All you have to do is find the ingredient you want using our list, then head to the workbench located in the field where you first spawn. You're then prompted to drop any items in your hand into the cauldron. Place the items in the cauldron, then hit Mix if the ingredients are compatible. You'll then get a vial of potion to drink, through which you can then enjoy each one's unique benefits.

It's really as easy as that! Rather than focusing on challenges, Wacky Wizards wants you to experiment with combinations and create the most inventive potions you can. As such, that's why using Wacky Wizards ingredients is so straightforward.

Screenshot from Wacky Wizards, showing a Roblox player hovering over a cauldron

What Are The Rarest Wacky Wizards Ingredients?

Generally speaking, none of the Wacky Wizards ingredients are particularly hard to come by. You can find most of them across the map, or by beating certain bosses and completing fetch quests for NPCs. However, some Wacky Wizards ingredients are either limited edition and expired or locked behind a paywall, meaning you have to spend money to get them.

Namely, there are ten Wacky Wizards ingredients that you can only procure by spending gems or Robux. These are as follows:

  • Superhero Cape
  • Frozen Egg
  • Hat of Gears
  • Zeus' Beard
  • Magic Seed
  • Wheel
  • Mount
  • Mr. Cauldron
  • Airstrike
  • Anime Sword of Destiny

While not technically rare, the fact you have to pay for them means these Wacky Wizards potions are less likely to end up in your cauldron. Of course, they can if you spend money, or have enough gems to purchase them, but that still comes at a price.

How Do I Get More Wacky Wizards Ingredients?

As hinted at, a lot of Wacky Wizards ingredients are very easy to come across. In fact, they're mostly just found across the world, as detailed in our ingredients table. Those are all the ingredients currently in the game, though it's likely that more will arrive in the future. The most recent ingredient to arrive was the Gingerbread Man, which landed to celebrate Christmas.