Devious Lick codes - Free coins and boosts (September 2022)

September 19, 2022: We've checked for any new codes.

The latest Devious Lick codes help take the grind out of smashing up school and committing minor crimes, so you can enjoy… well, smashing up school and committing minor crimes.

Devious Lick creator Sylently is often inactive on social media, and it’s not always easy to keep up with what changes might drop in the game as a result. We’ll keep this list of Devious Licks codes up to date so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

If you need a break from wanton thievery, there’s plenty more Roblox to keep you occupied. We have codes for some of the most popular Roblox games, so be sure to check out the latest Shindo Life codes, Tower Defense: Shinobi codes, Anime Simulator X codes, and Anime Fighters Simulator codes for some big boosts in these big games.

All working Devious Lick codes

No new codes or updates have appeared since March, but here are the remaining codes:

  • DONTCOMMITDEVIOUSLICKSIRL – 2x Luck Boost for 30 minutes
  • ANOTHERL8UPD8 - Super Luck for three hours
  • SHINYHEART - Double Shiny for 30 minutes
  • SUPERLUCKYHEART - Super Luck for 30 minutes
  • LUCKYHEART - Double Luck for 30 minutes
  • VERYLUCKY - Activates SUPER LUCKY for one hour
  • VERYSHINY - Double SHINY CHANCE for one hour
  • ILLUMINATI - 30 minutes of double coins
  • RELEASE - 100 free coins

We below Devious Lick codes were last checked and confirmed expired on September 19, 2022.

Expired codes:

You can use Devious Lick codes simply by tapping the Codes button on the right side of the screen and entering them into the box that appears.
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How do I use Devious Lick codes?

  • Launch Devious Lick
  • Tab the 'Codes' button on the right side of the screen
  • Enter your code in the box that appears, and choose 'Redeem'
  • You’ll immediately get your reward

Using Devious Lick codes is really simple. The 'Codes' option is always on the right side of the screen. It’s the option with the Twitter icon, under the 'trade' and above the 'store' buttons, and you can access it at almost any time during the game.

Just tap that button, enter your Devious Licks codes in the window that appears, and hit the big redeem button. Rewards will be used immediately, so if it's something like a free 20 minute boost, you'll want to get licking.

How do I get more Devious Lick coins?

You can also earn more coins just by playing the game. Devious Lick gives you coins for items you collect around the school and take back to the selling point. How much you get depends on what items you’re selling. The value of, say, a locker is quite different from a chair or even a clock.

Since the point of Devious Lick is collecting items and selling them, you’ll pad out your wallet pretty quickly just in the course of a normal playthrough. Make sure to spend some of them at the Shop. Upgrading your bag means you can carry more items, and enhancing your strength lets you collect items faster.

How can I get more Devious Lick freebies?

Right now, you can get the best Devious Lick freebie by joining the Devious Lick game group. You won't get any new Devious Lick codes there (yet), but by joining, you'll gain double the usual number of daily rewards when you log into the game with the same account. That's a really big competitive advantage.

How do I play Devious Lick?

  • Log into your Roblox account either on mobile, Xbox, or PC/Mac
  • Search for Devious Licks to find the game page
  • Once there, hit the big Play button to launch the game and start using Devious Lick codes

Devious Lick is a game based on the eponymous meme. Your goal is stealing things from the school, and by things, we mean anything and almost everything. Lockers, desks, clocks, and benches are all up for grabs.

Sell your haul and grab more stuff, then use your coins to upgrade your character and even buy pets to help you carry off heists.

That’s it for our Devious Lick codes list. The game is less than a year old at this point and seems to be growing ever more popular, so check back regularly for more Devious Lick codes in the coming weeks. For more Roblox goodies, we suggest our Anime Fighting Simulator codes guide.

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