Resident Evil Village: Where to Get the Four Angel Masks in Castle Dimitrescu

Escaping Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village tasks you with opening a locked door guarded by four Angel Statues. Each of these has a mask that must be found and placed into the right slots, with masks for Sorrow, Joy, Pleasure and Anger. Finding all four can be difficult, especially with Lady Dimitrescu stalking you around the Castle. To help make sure you find all four Angel Masks as quickly as possible we've put together this Resident Evil Village Angel Masks Walkthrough. Let's get started.

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Resident Evil Village Angel Masks Locations Walkthrough

After escaping the first Castle area you will automatically come across the Mask of Sorrow. At this point, you will have collected the Courtyard Key using the Sanguis Virginis bottle in the Wine Room , had your hand cut off by Lady D, and will have taken an elevator up to the Courtyard by grabbing the Mask of Sorrow. Here's where to find the rest.

  1. Mask of Sorrow - collected from story
  2. Mask of Pleasure - Hall of Pleasure on 1st floor
  3. Mask of Joy - Hall of Joy next to Library
  4. Mask of Anger - Roof

The iron insignia key in Resident Evil Village
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Angel Mask of Pleasure Location

Now that you have the Dimitrescu Key you can open the door in the Courtyard. Follow the stairs up and into the Opera Hall. You can now use the piano on the ground floor in this area. Solve the piano puzzle to get the Iron Insignia Key. You can now open the Hall of Pleasure door, shown on the map below. When you pick up the mask the door will lock behind you. Just continue onwards until you are confronted by a daughter. Kill her and look up at the walls for an animal skull. This can be placed in the Angel Statue, opening the locked door.

The Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village
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Mask of Joy Location

Now it's time to head to the Library using the door in the Courtyard. You can now use the Iron Insignia Key to get in, allowing you to access the Hall of Joy. One of the daughters will fight you here. Just open the windows and get shooting. We've shown this location on the map below:

The Mask of Joy Location in Resident Evil Village
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Mask of Anger Location

Finally we have the Mask of Anger. To access this head to the Atelier next to the Hall of Joy. In this room you will need to solve the five bells puzzle to open a secret door. Head around and up into the attic. This area is the roof. You will need to fight your way up to the top, before ziplining down to the Mask.

The mask of Anger in Resident Evil Village
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Using the Four Angel Mask to Unlock the Door in the Hall of Four

Now that you have all four you just need to head back to the main hall and place them onto the statues. There's a plaque on each one showing you which mask goes where. This will open the door and lead you out into a new area. Prepare for a boss fight!

That's where to get the four Angel Masks in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game check out our guide on getting the Well Wheel. Elsewhere there's our look at the difficulty options available in the game.

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