06 May 2021 4:16 PM +00:00

Resident Evil Village: How to Remove Weapon Charms

Resident Evil Village is available in many different versions, with some granting cosmetic bonuses like Weapon Charms. These are items that can be hung from the barrel of your guns, and are equipped at the merchant. Once you've added them you may come to the same conclusion that I did: they can be pretty distracting while you're trying to aim at enemies. As such, you may want to remove weapon charms from your guns. Here's how to do so.

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Resident Evil Village: How to Remove Weapon Charms

Once you've equipped a weapon charm to your gun in Resident Evil Village you won't be able to take it off. You can hide it however. Just do the following.

  1. Open the options menu
  2. Select 'Special'
  3. Toggle weapon charm display

How to Get Weapon Charms

So far, we've only managed to get weapon charms in Resident Evil Village by redeeming pre-order bonuses. These include the Mr Raccoon and Mr Everywhere weapon charms that can be added to your weapons. We'll update this page if we find more.

That's all you need to know about removing weapon charms from your guns in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on finding the Well Wheel. Elsewhere there's our look at Saving Your Game Progress.