Resident Evil Village Bell Locations: How to Ring the Five Atelier Bells

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To escape from Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you'll need to get through the Atelier, You'll need to shoot 5 bells to unlock a secret door in the Atelier area of Resident Evil Village. Read on for our Resident Evil Village Atelier Bells Walkthrough. Here's where to find each one to get behind the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu.


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Resident Evil Village Bell Locations: How to Ring the Five Atelier Bells

In order to progress through the Atelier in Castle Dimitrescu you will need to hit five bells. These can all be found in this area. Doing so will move the portrait and allow you to reach the roof and the Mask of Anger. Here's where each of the five bells are:

  • Bell 1 - On table in front of note
  • Bell 2 - In swinging mechanism
  • Bell 3 - on top of chandelier
  • Bell 4 - On top of shelves to the left of entrance (facing the entrance)
  • Bell 5 - Shoot out of top window from the top of the stairs. There's a bell outside.


1. Table on Ground Floor

The first bell is easy, located just in front of the note on the table. You can't miss it so just hit it with your knife to light its flame.


2. Shelves

Turn around and look up at the shelves to the left of the entrance. You will need to use a gun to shoot this one.

3. Shoot the Swinging Bell


Turn around again and note the swinging pendulum. There is a Bell moving back and forth in there. Shoot it to ring out the third bell.

4. Shoot the Bell on the Chandelier

Make your way up the staircase and shoot the bell that rests on top of the chandelier.

5. Ring the Final Bell Outside the Window

Bell number five in the Atelier section of Resident Evil Village.

Turn your attention to the window up top. Shoot through the glass to hit the bell outside. You'll hear all five ring out, and the door will open.

That's how to ring the five bells in the Atelier in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on getting the Well Wheel. Elsewhere there's our guide on what to put into the Silver Ring.