Phasmophobia: How to Use the Photo Camera and Get Photo Evidence

The Phasmophobia Photo Camera in use outside of the house.

The Phasmophobia Photo Camera in use outside of the house.

While taking on the role of a paranormal investigator in Phasmophobia, it's important to make use of all the equipment that is available. This includes the Photo Camera, which is necessary for gathering Photo Evidence. This type of evidence won't help players with figuring out what type of ghost they're facing, but it will grant players Photo Rewards and therefore, an additional pay-out at the end of the contract.

In this guide, we've explained how to use the Photo Camera and what Photo Evidence you should look out for while using it.

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How to Use the Photo Camera

The Photo Camera is very easy to use, and is important for gathering Photo Evidence, completing Optional Objectives and completing Daily Challenges. To use the camera, a player simply needs to have the item equipped and then left-click when facing an item they think counts as valuable Photo Evidence. We've explained more about what photographs will count towards the points below.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is a limit as to how many photo's players can take during a contract. The maximum is ten photos, and the maximum reward for these is $40. This amount will then be multiplied depending on the difficulty of the contract faced, so it's a very easy way to get extra compensation even if players fail to identify the ghost type.

What Photo Evidence to Gather

A collection of Photo Evidence in the Phasmophobia Journal, showing which photo's are successful and which aren't.
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There are multiple pieces of Photo Evidence that can be collected using the Photo Camera in Phasmophobia. Some of these are much easier (or riskier) than others, but it's fun to undertake the role of snapping evidence anyways.

After taking a photo, players can check the Journal to see if it will be rewarding them after the contract; if the image has a black label and some stars beneath it, then it is a successful piece of Photo Evidence (shown above). It's also important to account for a players distance from the evidence. The closer and clearer the image is, the more likely a player is to get three stars and full monetary reward for it!

Pieces of Photo Evidence include the following. We've added some tips to help the hunt for it too:

  • Bone Evidence - On every map, a small bone is to be found somewhere. Picking it up provides extra points too.
  • Ouija Board - A photo of the board provides points, and additional points are rewarded for taking photos after each question has been answered. Keep an eye on your Team Sanity while doing this though!
  • Sink's that contain Dirty Water - Run the taps around the house and if a ghost happens to interact with it and turn it murky, snap a photo.
  • Fingerprints and Footprints - These do not require the UV Flashlight to be shone on them in order to take a successful photo.
  • Ghosts in their physical form - This is a riskier one, but can be worth trying to do before making an escape.
  • Dead bodies of other players - Yes, points can be wielded from photographing the corpses of other players.
  • Ghost Writing - If the Ghost Writing Book has been written in, taking a photo of it acts as evidence.
  • Voodoo Dolls - This doll can only be found on small maps such as the Willow Street House, Grafton Farmhouse, and Bleasdale Farmhouse, It is small, stitched together and has buttons for eyes.

With that information to hand, players should be able to gather a mass of Photo Evidence in no time. However, don't forget to be gathering evidence and working out which type of ghost is at play while having fun with the Photo Camera. Good luck ghost hunting, and if it just so happens that the ghost becomes angry, here's what to do during the ghosts Hunting Phase.

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