Phasmophobia: Bone Evidence and How to Find It

A bone on the floor of one of the bedrooms in Phasmophobia.

A bone on the floor of one of the bedrooms in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is primarily a co-op game in which you and your friends take on the role of paranormal investigators. While most of your time will be spent gathering evidence of paranormal activity and trying to work out which type of ghost you're facing, there are a few other aspects embedded in the game that can grant you extra XP and money. Bone Evidence is one of them!

In this guide, we explain exactly what Bone Evidence is and how to find it, as well as what bonuses it actually offers you once you've completed a contract.

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What is Bone Evidence?

As pictured above, Bone Evidence is a small bone (presumably a chicken femur!) that can be found somewhere on every single contract that you and your friends embark on. On every contract, the bone will spawn in a random place each time; sometimes, it is easy to find and other times it feels impossible to track down. More often than not, Bone Evidence is often found lying in vast empty spaces on the floor. However, it can be found in cupboards, on shelves, or on tables, mixed in among other objects.

Due to the nature of Phasmophobia and its occasional glitch, this does also mean that Bone Evidence can sometimes spawn in obscure places. This can sometimes make it harder to find, but it's never impossible. There have also been reports of the bone spawning in areas that allow you to see it and photograph it, although you won't be able to pick it up. This can be frustrating, but we still recommend you spend a little time hunting for the Bone Evidence while you seek out evidence of your ghost, especially if you're part of a team!

Bone Evidence also differs from other pieces of evidence, as finding the bone will not actually help you and your team to work out which ghost you're coming up against. However, this does not mean that trying to locate the bone is a waste of time. In fact, if found and photographed or picked up, Bone Evidence offers two nice boosts to the outcome of your contract. We discuss these more below.

What is Bone Evidence Worth?

An (unsuccessful) end of contract payment in Phasmophobia, featuring Bone Evidence.
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First and foremost, if you find Bone Evidence, take a photo of it. Depending on how close you get to the bone, this will earn you some additional money at the end of your contract for having gathered extra evidence.

Following this, you should pick up the bone using the 'E' key to gain some extra money and an XP boost depending on the difficulty of your contract. The awards per difficulty are as follows:

  • Amateur - 10XP, and $10
  • Intermediate - 20XP, and $20
  • Professional - 30XP, and $30

This may not seem like a lot, but as any Phasmophobia veteran could tell you, the money adds up quite quickly and every little counts. This small addition to your pay-out could make a world of difference if one of your teammates dies and loses equipment!

That's the ins and outs of Bone Evidence explained, so be sure to keep an eye out for the bone as you track down your ghost evidence. If you're looking to try and keep rooms safe while you track evidence, we recommend taking a look at how to use the Crucifix and how Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia work too.

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