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Phasmophobia: Ouija Board Questions And How To Use


Phasmophobia, the new ghost hunting co-op title on Steam has become a popular pick among streamers recently.


There's plenty of quirky and strange ways to find and interact with the ghosts.

One of which is the ouija board!

You can actually ask the ghost questions.

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Ouija Board Questions

You can use the ouija board in Phasmophobia to communicate with ghosts.

To use it, you'll first have to find one, it cannot be bought.

When you find one, left-click it and it should glow.

Once it does you will be able to start asking the spirit questions.


Using the board will bring down your sanity so keep this in mind.

Some questions will also make the ghost angry.

We put a list of the questions you can ask below.


Who Questions

  • Who did you kill?
  • Who is your victim?
  • Who did you murder?
  • Who died?
  • Who is here?
  • Who is in this room?

What Questions

  • What is the name of the person you killed?
  • What is the name of the person you murdered?
  • What is your victim?
  • What is your favourite room?
  • What is your room?
  • What is your age?

When Questions

  • When did you die?

Where Questions

  • Where are you?
  • Where is your room?

How Questions

  • How long have you been dead?
  • How many years ago did you die?
  • How long have you been here?
  • How long ago did you die?
  • How many are in this room?
  • How many people are in this room?
  • How many people are in here?
  • How many ghosts are in this room?
  • How many ghosts are in here?
  • How old are you?

Are Questions

  • Are you alone?
  • Are we alone?
  • Are you here?
  • Are you close?
  • Are there any spirits?
  • Are you near?
  • Are you around?
  • Are you old?
  • Are you young?

Did Questions

  • Did you murder?
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