Phasmophobia: How to Change Difficulty

Phasmophobia is the latest horror game to take the gaming world by storm. Hunt ghosts with up to three of your friends, all the while constantly being on the edge of your seat as ghosts try to hunt you down too.

The game can be pretty confusing when first starting out. Yet, luckily there are a few different modes which will lessen or increase the difficulty. This means you can take the game at your own pace, or challenge yourself when you feel ready to.

Find out how to change difficulty in Phasmophobia below:

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How to Change Difficulty

To begin with, you can only access Amateur levels. Even so, as a beginner, these stages will still challenge you as you get used to the games controls, equipment and scary ghost types.

Once you get a better idea of how the game works and things start to get easier, you'll want more of a challenge. The difficulty is actually determined by the maps, meaning that each map is of a different level - so you do not want to be jumping into the Prison map, or any Professional difficulty contracts straight away.

This also means that the game's difficulty cannot be changed manually in the settings. The higher levels won't be available immediately, you'll have to unlock them by playing Amateur contracts initially and levelling up your character by completing objectives and going on successful ghost hunts.

When reaching level 10 you'll unlock Intermediate difficulty maps, and when you reach 15 you'll get Professional difficulty maps unlocked too. Once these are available, it's just a matter of choosing the tougher maps when you feel ready to tackle something a little trickier. These more difficult maps also tend to be a lot bigger and require more time to investigate.

If you can handle it, the harder difficulty is the way to go. Intermediate difficulty maps will give you and your team double the amount of money and 50% more XP than Amateur maps, and Professional triples that. Bear in mind the ghosts will be more challenging and your sanity will drain quicker... so be sure to have your wits about you.

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Nightmare Difficulty

As part of a 2021 update, Phasmophobia received Nightmare difficulty. This is the ultimate challenge in the game, with many features cut from the other difficulties to make things harder. Here's some of the key features:

  • No set up time
  • Ghost will change its preferred room
  • Less evidence is left behind

This is generally considered to be for the absolute best and most experienced of players. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

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