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Phasmophobia: How to Change Difficulty

Phasmophobia is the next horror game to take the gaming world by storm.

Hunt ghost with three of your friends, all the while constantly being on the edge of a heart attack.

The game can be pretty confusing when first starting out.

Luckily there are different modes which will lessen or increase the difficulty.

Find out how to change difficulty in Phasmophobia below.

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How to Change Difficulty


To begin with, you can only access Amateur levels.

Even so, as a beginner, these stages will still challenge you.

Once you get the gist of how the game works and things start to get easier, you'll want more of a challenge.

The difficulty is actually determined by the maps, each map is of a different level.

Meaning difficulty cannot be changed manually in the settings.

The higher levels won't be available immediately, you'll have to unlock them.

You can do so by levelling up your character.

When reaching level 10 you'll unlock Intermediate difficulty maps and when you reach 15 you'll get Professional unlocked too.

Once these are available it's just a matter of choosing the tougher maps.


These tend to be a lot bigger and require more time to investigate.

If you can handle it, the harder difficulty is the way to go, Intermediate will give double money and 50% more XP and Professional triples and doubles!

Bear in mind the ghosts will be more challenging and your sanity will drain quicker.

Happy ghost hunting!

Find out how to set up the camera and record ghosts by clicking here.

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