Phasmophobia Update: Dead Players Can Finally Do Something

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The horror game that's got everyone's attention right now, Phasmophobia.

Plenty of content creators have been spending hours playing and streaming this title.

I'm a big fan of it myself, although I can only bring myself to watch it instead of playing.

One of the major problem players had was that you couldn't do anything but walk around when they died.

Looks like Kinetic Games listened to the players and took action.

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Dead Player Update

In the newest small update, dead players finally get to muck about a little.

Previously in Phasmophobia, if you died you could only walk around observing what was going on.

Dying early on made for a pretty boring game, aside from laughing at your friend's terror.

The community have been asking for a resolve to this for a while now and they finally got it.

Kinetic Games announced on Twitter that "dead players can now grab/throw non equipment objects."

Another small update is live. It's mostly bug fixes with two new features. (Check Discord change-log)New1. Added an objective to get a ghost to walk through salt.2. Dead players can now grab/throw non equipment objects.#Phasmophobia
— Phasmophobia (@KineticGame)
November 9, 2020

Along with the new ability for players, a new objective was added to get a ghost to walk through salt.

This new feature for those that are actually dead is pretty useful.

Deceased players can actually see the ghost a lot more visibly than those alive.

Meaning, the dead members of the team could technically throw things in the direction of the ghost to signal to their teammates where it is!


It's great to see the devs are listening to the community and we can't wait to see what's next.

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