Phasmophobia: What is Dirty Sink Water?

A bathroom sink filled with dirty water in Phasmophobia.

A bathroom sink filled with dirty water in Phasmophobia.

While you and your friends take on the form of paranormal investigators in Phasmophobia, there's much more to do than merely track down which ghost you're dealing with. You'll also come across various optional objectives to complete for extra money. One of which involves locating sinks filled to the brim with Dirty Water.

In this guide, we've explained exactly what that Dirty Water is and how you can go about snapping a picture of it.

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What is Dirty Water?

Dirty Water is exactly as it sounds. In a kitchen or bathroom, you'll sometimes find filthy, brown water floating in the sink. This is a rather solid indicator that there's an unhappy ghost nearby, so be careful and mind your sanity!

More importantly, if you're lucky enough to encounter water that is already evidently dirty, don't forget to take a picture using the Photo Camera to rack up some extra cash for you and your team. Most of the time, however, Dirty Water won't simply be given to you; we explain below how to go about getting it so you can complete that extra objective.

How to Get Dirty Water

Clean sink water in Phasmophobia.
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First and foremost, the amount of points - and therefore money - accrued for getting a picture of Dirty Water is not that much. There's also no guaranteeing that a ghost will interact with the water, so, do not go out of your way to put yourself or a teammate at risk. That is, unless, seeking out the Dirty Water is a daily challenge or optional objective, which will wield a slightly higher reward.

Warnings out of the way, here's how to try and get Dirty Water if you don't encounter it naturally. You'll first need to locate a sink in the map that you're exploring. As you'd expect, the kitchen or bathroom is your best bet. Once you've found a sink, turn the water on and leave it running. Once the water is flowing, you can go about your ghost hunting duties or other optional objectives as normal, but remember to check on the sink.

One way in which you can attempt to encourage Dirty Water is by aggravating the ghost using a Spirit Box or Ouija Board. If they're nearby to the sink you've filled with water, there's every chance they may interact with it and turn the water foul. If you notice that this has been a success, it means the ghost is nearby. Snap a photo of the ghastly water to complete your objective and gain your extra points and money, then resume collecting your final pieces of evidence or rush to safety.

If you find that the ghost is active in a room relatively far away from the room with the sink, there's a low chance that you're going to encounter any Dirty Water. Additionally, be sure that the room containing the sink is clear of Crucifixes and Smudge Sticks, as these will deter the ghost from interacting with the sink.

We wish you luck in your hunt for foul ghost water in Phasmophobia! If you're on a mission to complete more optional objectives, we have a useful guide on gathering Bone Evidence here.

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