Phasmophobia: What to Do During the Hunting Phase

While you're playing Phasmophobia, most ghosts will not reveal themselves to you or your teammates until they're provoked first. This isn't hard to do if you run into the building shouting their name.

When the hunting phase occurs, your flashlights flicker, your walkie talkies turn static, and the doors of the building will be locked. The ghost will hunt you down in their physical form, and you've no choice but to run, hide and hope for the best.

Here's some guidance on how the hunting phase works and how you can make it out alive after one.

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How the Hunting Phase Works

A ghost in their physical form during the hunting phase in Phasmophobia.
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Once provoked or angered, the ghost you are hunting will take on its physical form and come after you and your friends. They will not stop until they have killed one of you, or until the timer on the hunting phase runs out. This is why it is important to not anger the ghost, or to have a good hiding place to hand for when the hunting phase does begin.

During Amateur and Intermediate contracts, you will be safe from the hunting phase until the start-up timer displayed in the ghost hunters van runs out. Yet, on Professional contracts, you can be hunted immediately if you're unlucky.

You have more chance of experiencing the hunting phase if you have lower sanity levels, by provoking the ghost verbally (saying their name, amongst other key phrases), or if you're facing a more aggressive type of ghost. For example, the Oni, the Demon, or the Wraith.

What to Do During the Hunting Phase

The hands of a ghost cover the vision of a player being killed during the hunting phase in Phasmophobia.
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There are a handful of things you and your friends can do to prevent the hunting phase - or things you can do during it - to help save your sanity and your lives. We have listed them below:

The Crucifix

The Crucifix can be placed into the room where you think the ghost is located. This will prevent them from hunting if placed within a 3 meter range of them. So be mindful that you may need multiple Crucifixes for a larger room.

Do not try to use the Crucifix during the hunting phase. This is a commonly made mistake and only puts you at further risk of becoming ghost bait.

Smudge Sticks

You can light Smudge Sticks in the room that you believe the ghost to be located in, and they will prevent the ghost from going into the hunting phase for a short amount of time. During the hunting phase, Smudge Sticks can also prevent the ghost from attacking for a few seconds. This will provide you and your friends with valuable time to escape.

Because of this, it may be useful to have a few Smudge Sticks to hand. Don't forget to bring a lighter or candle to light the Smudge Sticks too.


Salt is only effective against one type of ghost: the Wraith. If you place the salt in hallways and other common areas, this particular ghost will be prevented from following or attacking you.


Most often, you will be locked inside of the building with the ghost while they're hunting. This leaves with you no option but to hide (or run, as we delve into below).

Hiding places can include bathrooms, wardrobes, and lockers. You can close the doors of these behind you and then crouch. Do not move or make any noise that could alert the ghost to your location. Also, face the wall so that you do not run the risk of directly looking at the ghost and draining your sanity.

If the ghost you're facing is a Wraith, your hiding space is particularly important as this ghost can see through doors and furniture. This makes bathrooms or areas blocked off by walls your safest hiding place.

Running Away

Most ghosts will move slower or at the same speed as your character (except the Revenant), so you can try to outrun them until the ghost hunting phase timer is over.

However, you need to be cautious of getting blocked by furniture, especially if it is dark. This will help the ghost to gain distance on you and ultimately if you're unlucky, kill you. Also, turning around corners and getting behind as many walls as possible so the ghost can lose sight of you is beneficial while running away too. Be careful to not wind up in a dead-end!

Being Outside or in the Van

If you or your friends happen to already be outside when the ghost commences their hunt, you're safe. Just wait for the hunt to end and for the building doors to unlock.

With all of the above fresh on your mind, your next ghost-hunt should go smoothly if it happens that they start to hunt you! We recommend using Crucifixes to prevent hunts, or if you enjoy fleeing in panic, make a note of the best hiding spots as you explore the map searching for your ghost.

Good luck escaping alive! And if you do happen to die, don't worry, as there are still ways to keep yourself entertained in Phasmophobia even when you're dead.

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