Phasmophobia: What Happens if You Say Bloody Mary?

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Perhaps one of the most fun aspects of Phasmophobia is actually communicating with the ghosts. When playing with friends, interrogating or shouting at the ghosts can be the biggest part of the fun involved - even if you do run the risk of dying due to it.

That being said, almost everyone knows the folklore tale of saying Bloody Mary into the mirror three times. With Phasmophobia being a horror game full of ghost types from various folklore, does saying Bloody Mary in your game do anything? We're here to tell you that yes, it does, and exactly how it does.


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We advise that for ghost hunts to go in the best way possible, you and your friends are best off asking the ghost some leading questions. More often than not, saying their name angers them greatly and can trigger a hunting phase.

Additionally, however, there are more key phrases that can anger the ghost you are hunting greatly - Bloody Mary, funnily enough, being one of them.

What Happens if You Say Bloody Mary in Phasmophobia?

A mirror in a Phasmophobia map.

Bloody Mary is one of the phrases proven to affect the ghosts mood massively, causing spikes in their activity and sometimes triggering them to go into the hunting phase too. You need to be very close to them while chanting Bloody Mary in order to get this reaction, though.

Some more docile ghosts will respond to this in a calmer way, by doing Ghost Writing or filling sinks with dirty water, rather than immediately hunting you and your friends.


It is important to remember the start-up timer during games that are at Amateur or Intermediate difficulty. During this timer, ghosts will not be able to go into the hunting phase. So using triggering phrases - such as Bloody Mary - will not have an effect until this timer is up.

After this timer is up, feel free to go find the first mirror you can and chant Bloody Mary while holding a candle - staying true to the old urban legend. However, if the ghost isn't active in the room, you probably won't have much happen. But you may then go ahead and shout it in the room where the ghost is active though and still have fun with it!