Waffle Words - What Are Today's Waffle Words?

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May 24, 2022: It's been a while, but we've listed today's Waffle words and solutions below for Daily Waffle 123.

Most word games consist of one word, maybe two at a push. However, in a Waffle, you have six words you need to keep track of. As well, you only have a certain number of swaps. It can be difficult to know what letters to swap and where to swap them. This guide will tell you the answer to the waffle words.


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Today's Waffle Words: May 24, 2022

From left to right, here are the Waffle Words for each row and column

  • Row
    • SMACK
    • AGILE
    • FINAL
  • Column
    • STAFF
    • ALIEN
    • KNEEL

Were you close?

The starting position in Waffle
Waffle starting position

How Do I Play Waffle?

You can play Waffle on their website! The premise of the game is to solve the Waffle in 15 swaps or less. You can click and drag the letters anywhere on the board. Green means they are already in the right place and yellow means they belong somewhere in that word, either vertically or horizontally depending on placement. If it's in the corner, it means it can be in either word. Every Waffle has the potential to be solved in ten moves.

Can I Play Previous Waffle Days?

Whilst there is no official Waffle archive, you can of course do the typical way of playing the previous days. This is by setting the date and time on a previous day on your device and then playing the game that way. So far, this is the only way to play Waffle's previous days.


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